These are the top 10 things you’re most likely to do as an Exeter Fresher

You will buy a Freshers Wristband and not go to anything (it’s a canon event)

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Freshers’ Week (now called Welcome Week) has now arrived, and with it is a whole host of newbies. With the biggest event on the uni calendar, there’s bound to be things that don’t go quite to plan, but that’s what makes all the best memories, right? So, it seems only fair to impart our Exeter wisdom to the incoming cohort and let you know exactly what to expect when you come to uni. Once Freshers’ is complete, there’s no doubt that you will have ticked off a lot of this list; it’s okay, we’ve all been there, trust me. Freshers’ is bound to be the craziest week of your life – don’t say we didn’t warn you.

1. Get asked, and ask the SAME questions – and remember nobody’s answers

“What’s your name/course/accommodation?”

“What are you studying?”

“Where are you living?”

“Where are you from?”

These questions will be the only thing you hear all week. The word “Surrey” will appear more times than you can count. It will come as no surprise, then, that you will remember none of this new info, and the same questions will be repeated for the next few weeks until they stick.

2. Make friends you will never see again

Whether this is on a night out, Freshers’ Fair, or at a taster event, you are guaranteed to meet some lovely faces and befriend them for the day – and then never see them again. Or, if you’re lucky, you’ll spot them briefly in the Forum and give them a smile, and regret not getting their socials.

3. Experience the highs and lows of Exeter nightlife

There’s not much that compares to Exeter nightlife. Perhaps not as rowdy as other Russell Group cities, the Exeter clubbing scene will soon have a special place in your heart. Tick off a Fever Monday, Cheesy Tuesday and, of course, a TP Wednesday (good luck getting tickets). And if you venture to Move, it is a lot further away than you think.

4. Get too much Exeter stash

Freshers’ Week is a great time to nab some freebies, but that won’t stop you from becoming a certified UoE student and repping the merchandise. Market Place will become your new favourite shop, and all of your loan will go on kitting yourself out in iconic green garms.

5. Turn up to all of your lectures

Once the craziness of Freshers’ subsides, it’s time to get grinding. As a fresh, you will turn up to all of your lectures, even those dreaded 8:30am’s. Lecture halls will be full of hopeful, fresh undergrads. Give it a few weeks, you may find that those 8:30am’s are not the vibe after a wild night at TP. Just make sure to catch up!

6. Get very lost

You will live up to your new title: “Silly fresh”. Exeter can be a maze when you’re new, especially when you need to find seminar rooms. So, make sure you leave an extra five (or 50) minutes to get to grips with your new home.

7. Realise the Exetah stereotype is very, very real

You may think that the Exetah stereotype isn’t all that common – just wait. Ocado vans will be lining up to enter East Park, campus will be awash with linen trousers and Ralph Lauren quarter-zips, and the only hairstyles for miles are mullets and curtains. Before you know it, the stereotype becomes very real indeed.

8. Die climbing Forum Hill, or Cardiac (or both if you’re lucky)

The centre of campus, Forum Hill, is often reached by treacherous climbs – Cardiac and Forum Hill. So, get your walking boots out and learn how unfit you really are, then reward yourself with a well-deserved Pret or Starbucks, or early morning pint at The Ram.

9. Meet the campus cat

The best thing about the top of Forum Hill has to be the presence of the famous campus cat, named Napoleon. This ginger baby will see you through your late-night library trips all year, ready for cuddles and affection. Don’t forget to snap a photo and send it to his dedicated Instagram @exetergingercat.

10. Experience the worst hangovers of your life

There’s no better way to end a night out than chunning in the shower (please avoid this if you have shared bathrooms). Waking up after an Exeter night out will hit you hard and your night will be a haze of too many Venoms, dodgy pick-up lines and cheesy chips. And you WILL do it all again tomorrow.

Freshers’ Week doesn’t have to be the best week of your life. Chances are it will be a blur, but an unforgettable one at that. So, throw yourself in and embrace your new life as an Exeter student, and get messy. Your Snapchat memories will thank you for it.

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