All the Midnights lyrics that hit a little *too* close to home for Exeter Uni students

Thanks for the personal attack Taylor

Taylor Swift has released her tenth studio album, Midnights, and as always, it’s an emotional rollercoaster.  Whether you are a hardcore Swiftie, or more of a casual bus listener, you can’t deny the sheer volume of music she has released. Somehow Taylor manages to encapsulate whatever is going on in our lives with scary accuracy. Or perhaps we’re just projecting? Either way, here are some top lines from her extended “3am Edition” of Midnights which hit a little *too* close to home for us Exeter students:


“That everybody just expects me to bounce back”

When you went out to Cavern on Tuesday, but your mates are counting on you to send it at TP Wednesday. You can do it, gal. Everyone knows the best hangover cure is more alcohol…


“All of the people I’ve ghosted stand there in the room”

When you’ve been a member of a society for a while, and you’ve exhausted all of the eligible bachelors at the socials #rip.

“It’s me, hi. I’m the problem it’s me”

Checking your bank account in the morning only to find further Venom-shaped injuries.


“You’re talking shit. For the hell of it.”

Those Penny C boys who show you through their entire camera roll because no one has ever checked their privilege and told them that literally no one cares.

“Karma’s a relaxing thought”

When the overheard scammer gets kicked out and absolutely humiliated on the page.

Lavender Haze

“I feel the lavender haze creeping up on me”

Taylor clearly refers to the sickly sweet smell of an Exeter girl’s sheets, as they desperately spray their pillows with their White Company lavender-scented sleep mist their mum packed for them in an attempt to combat the crippling insomnia induced by too many oat-milk vanilla lattes from Pret.

You’re on Your Own, Kid

“Writing in my room, I play my songs in the parking lot” 

That guy who is convinced he is going to make it as a musician after writing a few songs in his bedroom about blonde Exetah girls who rejected him. He sings seriously at the Vic open-mic night, advertising his tracks on Soundcloud shamelessly. Babe, just because you played in Firehouse once does not mean you’re Matty Healy. Humble yourself x

Midnight Rain

“My town was a wasteland”

Exetah boys trying to sound like they come from the ends when they actually come from townhouses in Surrey. Extra points if they say “styll” at the end of every sentence, but call their mummy to ask about which setting to use on the washing machine.

Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve

“But, lord, you made me feel important”

When you get called up to the front in Batty Bingo. Only to win a tin of tomatoes. At least your spag Bol will be banging.


“Can I ask you a question? Did you ever have someone kiss you in a crowded room, and every single one of your friends was making fun of you?”

Don’t tell Taylor if you sharked on the TP dance floor, she might just write a song about it.

Vigilante Shit

“I don’t dress for women. I don’t dress for men. Lately I’ve been dressing for revenge.”

When you pop to Tesco metro and discover that they’ve upped the price of the Tesco Meal Deal. Again. Marketplace is expensive enough as it is.


“I polish up real, I polish up real nice”

When you finally overcome Freshers’ Flu (why is it still going round?!) and put on a clean pair of joggers to strut to campus.

Sweet Nothing

“Outside, they’re push and shoving, you’re in the kitchen humming”

The serenity you find after a night out when everyone else is hangrily queueing for Efes but you have potato waffles at home.


“The dominoes cascaded in a line”

When one gal tacks it in TP, grabs onto the cuff of her friend’s flare as she goes and brings down the whole group.

Bigger Than the Whole Sky

“And I’ve got a lot to pine about. I’ve got a lot to live without.”

When they got rid of the Pret subscription at the Forum Pret. Still not over it tbh.


“Your ex-friend’s sister met someone at a club and he kissed her. Turns out it was that guy you hooked up with ages ago”

Pretty much sums up Exeter Nightlife. Everyone knows EVERYONE. We are an incestuous bunch.

High Infidelity

“Rain soaking, blind hoping”

When it starts absolutely chucking it down over the Fever queue, but you’re still holding out hope that you’ll manage to sweet-talk the bouncer.


“I think there’s been a glitch, ah-yeah”

When you miss the BART submission deadline, so you have to email the Hub. It wasn’t your fault, it was a glitch.

Dear Reader

“Get out your map. Pick somewhere and just run”

For the week eight crisis. It is recommended to run away to Dartmoor for the aesthetic, or Exmouth in a pinch.

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