Tragic bolts and a Logic rep: The final round of Exeter’s 2020 BNOC is here

It’s your last chance to vote for your favourite BNOC!

The fifth and final heat in our search for Exeter’s biggest BNOC of 2020 is here, and it does not disappoint. Cast your vote below to see your favourite big name crowned the ultimate BNOC of the year.

Sophie Hopkins, Law, Second Year

“Shit bolt, questionable moves, always lose everything BUT alright banter.”

Cameron Carr, English, Fourth Year

“Because I love a pint. #beerandmorebeer”

Didi Vidal-Adegun, Accounting and Business, First Year

“More affectionately known as ‘chocolate prince-bottlejob’ or ‘Choco Prince’, wouldn’t call myself a BNOC just a humble silly fresh who has probably tried to sell you a ticket before.”

Liv Buckley, Drama, Third Year

“I’m such a huge BNOC, if I had the coronavirus the whole uni would have to close.”

Elliott Russo, Physics, Second Year

“I like chips.”

Henry Rutman, History of Art, First Year

“Very flattered to be nominated. Would be beaut if you voted for me.

“But if you don’t, you can slide into my DMs to get on my Logic guestlist to make up for it – always repping.”

Gareth Davie, Physics, Third Year

“If you’ve ever been to quids, you’ll probably recognise me. I’m happy to make friends with anyone and have met Will Brecknell.”