These Exeter diss pics should be awarded a distinction in photoshopping

Photoshop is a truly magical thing

Final year Exeter students are coming to the much awaited end to one of the biggest parts of their degree – their dissertations.

Months of hard work, blood, sweat and tears have gone into these. You’ve sacrificed nights out, Pret coffee breaks, and your own sanity to complete the dreaded things, and now you can’t even get the classic Exeter diss pic next to the rock because Coronavirus is simply ruining EVERYTHING.

Despite the current circumstances, lots of you final years have still managed to get unreal diss hand-in pics like the absolute legends that you are.

With the help of family members, dodgy photoshop and pure class imagination, these are some of the best Exeter diss hand-in photos of 2020!

Rosie – Exercise and Sport Sciences

This diss photo was taken by the ACTUAL rock before Corona broke out. The organisational skills here are truly inspiring.

Juliette – Renewable Energy

If you can’t get a pic by the actual rock, you just make your own, duh?

Susannah – Psychology

This girl needs to run a photoshop masterclass.

Alice – Theology and Religion

Got a degree in creativity wbu?

Lucy – Classical Studies

We love a bit of dodgy photoshop!

Michael – History

This is just pure genius.

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