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‘We can’t help you’: Exeter students’ experiences with the uni’s wellbeing services

‘I asked to reschedule my session after losing my sister and never heard anything back from them’

Breaking: Exeter is officially in Tier 2, here’s what it means for students

You CAN go out for a final drink with your mates but only if it’s with a meal

‘We’re so proud of everyone’: Exeter Uni has already raised over £87,000 for Movember

Exeter has raised the most money out of any university so far!

Exeter freshers and campus security ‘injured’ after ‘incident’ at Holland Hall last night

Security were called to break up illegal gatherings

Exeter students try to escape police through back garden as party is shut down

A total of 12 fines were given out by police on the night

‘The only thing declining is my mental health’: Students on Exeter’s ‘soft lockdown’

Over 1,700 Exeter students told us they thought the policy wasn’t effective

Exeter Uni is now in the top 10 Covid-19 hotspots in England

300 Exeter students told us they had tested positive for Covid-19

Unlimited Prosecco? Yes please: A guide to bottomless brunch in Exeter

Because day drinking is the new night out

‘No one has looked after us properly’: Exeter Freshers on having to isolate in halls

One Fresher says she feels they’re being ‘locked up like criminals’

Exeter asks students not to socialise with anyone outside their household for 14 days

Half the Covid cases in Devon are linked to the uni

Official Exeter freshers event sees hundreds gather on campus to watch Mamma Mia

‘It wasn’t distanced at all’

Meet the new 93 per cent club at Exeter uni providing inclusivity for students from state-school backgrounds

‘We want to create an honest discussion about social mobility and inclusivity within the Exeter student body’

Covid on campus: Everything we know about our return to Exeter

The uni will be one of the first in the country to offer rapid coronavirus spit tests

The Tab Exeter is recruiting and we want you to write for us!

The best part? You don’t need any prior experience!

Our prayers have been answered: TP and Fever are re-opening in Exeter this month!


I’m not crying, you are: we asked you about your wildest Exeter nights out and you did not disappoint

‘The neighbours reported us for public defecation’

Exeter student apologises after racist Facebook comments were exposed

The University is investigating

‘Why’s everyone doing this BLM crap?’: Exeter investigates student’s Insta story

He’s been accused of ‘trivialising’ police brutality in the UK

Big Macs at the ready: McDonald’s is re-opening in Exeter!

Prepare to eat your body weight in chicken nuggets

These Exeter diss pics should be awarded a distinction in photoshopping

Photoshop is a truly magical thing

Exeter students propose rent strike due to COVID-19

‘We know that it is well within our legal rights as tenants to challenge excessively high rent charges’

Exeter Uni implements ‘no-detriment’ policy for summer assessments

‘Work will be assessed in a way that takes account of the extraordinary and challenging conditions’

We asked Exeter students about their Tinder date horror stories, and wow some of these are awful

‘He sh*t his pants on the date’

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