ExeHonestly and Sexeter replaced by new confession pages after racist post controversy

The body’s not even cold yet

Two new confession pages, Exefess and Sexefess, have been set up on Facebook, after ExeHonestly and Sexeter were taken offline by the admins following a racist post controversy.

Exefess has already gained over 1000 likes after being set up late night on November 6th. Sexefess currently stands at 472 likes. Both pages say that they are independent of Sexeter and have no ties to the old pages.

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Exefess's first ever post

Guidelines have been posted on both pages outlining what people will be allowed to post.

Memes not related to the university and its rivals, and hate speech are banned by the page, along with any other confessions that violate the Facebook community standards. All posts will remain anonymous, but the admins say that no one will be able to "trick the system" in order to get a hateful or targeted confession posted.

Exefess and Sexefess were set up after ExeHonestly was taken down due to a racist post controversy that claimed admins had allowed "nazi propaganda" to be posted on the page. Two posts in particular were found to have white supremacist origins.

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Sexefess laid out the guidelines of the new confession page

The University of Exeter escalated the ExeHonestly complaint by referring it to the Police Hate Crime Unit. The police have since confirmed they are treating the posts as a hate incident.

Many were left upset and angry at the university after ExeHonestly admins posted their last ever ExeHonestly post and said they would be taking the page offline.

An open letter to the university has been written on change.org, expressing the "widespread discontent of students" at the way an "accumulation of issues" including the ExeHonestly situation were handled. Over 300 students have already signed the letter.

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