Exeter Freshers 2019: A day-by-day guide to the best club events

Because you’re only a fresher once

Freshers week is daunting to say the least; making friends, joining countless societies and attempting to navigate yourself to introductory lectures. The last thing you need is to be worrying about which clubs to head to every night.

So with freshers fast approaching, we've compiled a list of the best events on offer during the week to help you out!


Groove Collab – Move

Despite being held at Move, which is potentially the only club in Exeter that a taxi is justifiable for, it's still only twenty minutes from campus and will definitely be worth the walk.

In an underground club, Groove's third event is set to be fuelled by house and disco tunes which will quite literally get you grooving.


Logic – Fever

If you're looking to meet other like minded first years, head to Fever for your first night of frantic fresher fun.

You'll know the songs, you'll sweat a lot and you'll definitely end up with glow sticks and flower garlands littered across your room. Free decor am I right?

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Y1- Phoenix

The annually sold out Y1 fresher event will give you a chance to move beyond the cheesy tunes played in every other Exeter club.

Alongside the techno and house music, if you're lucky enough you'll nab yourself a free jumper, cap or t-shirt to take home with you, as the Y1 freshers event offers loads of giveaways throughout the night! Who doesn't love free stuff?

Cheesy Tuesdays – Unit 1

Undeniably everybody loves a cheesy tune and so Unit 1's Tuesday nights are for literally everyone.

Be warned you may not make it back with a voice so meeting new people might be a bit of a struggle in the morning, but if the best ice breaker isn't duet-ing with a stranger to High School Musical or ABBA, then I don't know what is.

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Unlike many of the one off events held throughout freshers week, Timepiece Wednesdays is a night that you could, and definitely should, continue to attend throughout your time at uni, especially for sports socials.

TP's three floors and huge smoking area mean that you won't be getting bored any time soon, PLUS they've got their own takeaway on-site to fufill all your cheesy-chip dreams.

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Image via: Emile Hussel

It promises to be a night you won't quite remember, but make sure you get there quick unless you want to spend the evening in the queue.


Dirty Beat – Fever

Freshers week would not be complete without a trip to Exeter's hottest club (in both senses of the word).

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Dirty Beat takes over Fever every Thursday with techno and house tunes, but if that's not your thing, simply slide through the double doors into Fever's second room. From The Killers to Beyonce you'll be falling "Crazy in love" with Thursday nights at Dirty Beat.

Quid's In – Unit 1

Quid's in, dignity out.

From shots to single mixers, almost every drink is £1 – and what you'll learn as you embark on your university journey is that cheap alcohol really does make the world a happier place.

Head to Unit 1 for a truly cheap and cheerful night.



After loving TP so much on Wednesday, you'll probably find yourself there again on Friday. However expect a very different scene; less fancy dress, less VKs and just generally fewer rowdy sports teams.

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But be warned, if you find yourself on the top floor, otherwise known as "TopTop", you've successfully made it to what is rumoured to be the most likely place to pull in Europe.


Lost Saturdays – The Lemmy

After a glorious resurrection last year, Exeter's SU, commonly known as "The Lemmy", is back in business.

Despite resembling a school disco and having a notoriously sticky floor, the insanely cheap drinks will blind you to the calamity that is the Lemmy.

Fresher's Ball – The Great Hall

Glam yourself up for a ball of fun.

The fresher's ball won't be the cheapest night of your life but it a great way to round off the week with some of your new friends. Held on campus and offering fairground rides and live music it's a great event to end your week of mayhem with.

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