Vote for Exeter’s BNOC 2019: Round five

You know the drill

Term may have ended but Exeter's BNOCs are still keen to get the recognition they deserve. Get scrolling to see if you recognise any of these famous faces!

Francis Dwan, Marketing, fourth year

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“A humble masters student who came to Exeter as a fresher. Also pretty sure I single-handedly brought Mullets back to Exeter. Didn’t help with girls though.”

Greg Young, PPE, second year

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“Chat – 99. Bod – 50. Casualness – 100. Percentage BNOC – 100.”

Isabella Tasker, PPE, first year

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“Words to live by ‘Photo shoot fresh, looking like wealth, I’m about to call the paparazzi on myself.’ – Jay-Z, my idol.”

Luke Parker, Physics, third year

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Cam Carr, English, third year

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“‘We are all stars and we all deserve to twinkle’ – Marilyn Monroe, but on campus I twinkle the brightest, so you’ve probably seen me about.”

Tom Deighton, Spanish, French and Portuguese, second year

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“A vote for me is a vote not for Nick Greaves.”

Cam Hay, Drama, second year

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“Don't be early don’t be late. Why I should win – why not?”

George Ikonomou, Law, post-grad

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“You can take the boy out of Exeter, but can’t take the Exeter out of the boy. Travelling the world, eating cake, and bleeding green. The BNOC we all deserve.”

Morgan Harlin, Philosophy and Politics, first year

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“Guess what. I have flaws. What are they? Oh, I don’t know. I sing in the shower. Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally I’ll hit somebody with my car. So sue me!”

Matt Geddes, Modern Languages, first year

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“Follow pitcher_boys on Instagram.”