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Tell us your tragic sex confessions

Who said Exeter was boring?

With the end of term looming, we’ve all had time to reflect on all the mistakes made in Freshers’ Week.

Freshers’ Week is a time to let your hair (and your pants) down, and completely forget about consequences, until week 1 hits and you see some maybe too familiar faces around campus.

Sex can be awkward at the best of times, but combine that with someone you’ve only just met, a lot of alcohol, and a single halls bed, and you’re in for a pretty lethal combination.

So, did you drink too much and go home with someone you *definitely* shouldn’t have? Did you do something so embarrassing you’re sure it will follow you for the rest of your uni life? Did you see something in your halls kitchen (or elsewhere on campus) you wish you hadn’t?

We want to know your most tragic sex confessions.