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Fashion in the Forum

This week’s best dressed

Storms, sunshine and everything in between – thanks a lot Exe, how on earth does one dress for that?! Thankfully this week’s beautiful models are leading the way rocking ‘whatever the weather’ chic.

Christy, First Year, Psychology

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Christy’s beaut striped cardigan (v. on trend) is vintage Joseph so sadly you won’t be able to cop this one yourself gals.

Alice, Third Year, English

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No wonder Alice is so smiley – her SolidariTee funded one night of accommodation for a human rights lawyer in Greece helping refugees seeking asylum! Stay tuned this term for future SolidariTee sales.

Damon, Third Year, Maths

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Damon, like Alice, is rocking a double tee – both practical for the indecisive weather as well as perfectly channelling the 00s heartthrobs of Busted and McFly. Hit up Cancer Research and British Heart Foundation on the High Street if you’re after a vintage tee like Damon’s.

Hugo, Second Year, French and Spanish

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Linguist Hugo is making the most of the Autumnal weather in his chunky grey fisherman knit jumper. His vintage wash jeans are from Levi.

Chloe, Third Year, Geography

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Third year geography student Chloe is leaving her wellies behind and putting her best foot forward in her McQueen trainers. Her khaki cargo trousers are from Zara for those looking to replicate this geography chic look.

Shope, Third Year, Business & Management

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Shope, a self-professed eco warrior, wears a Human Made cap publishing his love of plants. Shope also wears some classic black high top Converse which are becoming a firm favourite for many Forum frequenters.

Blanca, Third Year, Psychology

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The 70s are making a major comeback this season and with it corduroy has made its way onto campus. Blanca effortlessly pulling off the trend in some black cord dungarees and, like Shope, finishes off the look with her favourite black high top Converse.

Lily, Third Year, History of Art & Visual Culture

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Third year Lily is living up to the reputation that the Art Historians are among some of the best dressed ladies on campus. Lily sports some vintage dungarees she copped at Cancer Research on the high street.