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People are withdrawing their UCAS applications for Exeter Uni after the racist group chat



A number of prospective students have removed Exeter as one of their UCAS uni options due to the reports of racism that have come to light.

On Monday night five Exeter students wrote numerous racist messages on a group chat for the Bracton Law Society. Since then, Twitter has been full of criticism for the uni's poor handling with racism.

The latest update is that now, students who planned to take a place at the University of Exeter in September this year, are deciding to withdraw their applications from their UCAS form as they don't want to go to a uni where racism is so rife.

We spoke to one student who instead applied for SOAS. She said: "The day I sent my application I decided to swiftly change Exeter for another course at my current uni, SOAS."

The student confirmed that this decision was due to reports of racism coming from the uni.

Katy Winterburn also expressed relief that she had removed Exeter from her UCAS before sending it off, writing on Twitter that she'd "DODGED A BULLET".

Katy told The Tab: "I withdrew during the process of making my UCAS application sometime around October.

"I withdrew last minute, not only because I’d already been hearing some negative things about Exeter with regards to the way it dealt with its prospective students, but also because there seemed to be a general discontent on forums such as Student Room about the atmosphere there as well.

"People reported that it was hostile and things like that."

Others, while not reported to have retracted their own applications, have encouraged people of colour to do so.

Other prospective students who almost applied for Exeter Uni expressed their relief on Twitter after the exposure of the scandal.

Additionally, one tweeter highlighted the history of controversy at the university by pointing out Katie Hopkins is an alumnus.

The reference to the KKK claims that there is now a reputation for Exeter students as racists.

There is a rally taking place on Exeter campus tomorrow at 12.30pm, organised by UNIMASK, in order to "highlight the wider systemic issues" that caused the "recent vile, racist and misogynistic comments made by former BLS members."

The Tab Exeter contacted the University of Exeter for a response to these claims. They said: “The University has an unwavering commitment to tolerance, respect and inclusivity. The overwhelming majority of our staff and students ensure everyone feels welcomed, encouraged and supported, no matter their background, religion or nationality.

"The number of reports from students of alleged racism is extremely low, with fewer than five alleged incidents reported for each of the last five years, however even one incident is one too many and racism and offensive behaviour in any form is not tolerated.

"We would encourage any prospective students to attend one of the University’s Open Day events planned over the coming months to talk to staff and students, experience the campus and see at first-hand what Exeter has to offer for teaching, research and support.”

Read The Tab's full coverage of the recent racist revelations here.

If you have experienced racism at Exeter University please contact [email protected] and we will contact you.

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