There will be an anti-racism rally on campus tomorrow

Just three days after the recent Bracton Law scandal

An anti-racist rally will take place this Thursday following the revelation of the Bracton Law Society's racist group chat.

Organised by Exeter's UNMASK, the rally is scheduled to take place in the forum at 12.30pm this week. The event comes just three days after racist group messages were leaked on social media, revealing hateful exchanges between students Alex Crawford, Matthew Bell, Ash Chandraharan, James Cranstone and Bailey Grant.

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UNMASK, which stands for United National Movement Against Systematic Kyriarchy, describes itself as "a grassroots group dedicated to eradicating all forms of systemic oppression and violence."

So far, over 120 people are interested in the event on Facebook, over 800 are invited and over 60 have clicked attending. One of the names going includes current President of the Guild, Shraddha Chaudhary.

Speakers, performances and discussions will take place at the rally, in order to "highlight the wider systemic issues" that caused the "recent vile, racist and misogynistic comments made by former BLS members."

Posting on Facebook, UNMASK are asking people to share their "story, knowledge and experiences."

The post reads: "Bring your noise makers, your voice, anger, placards, and friends."

Read The Tab's full coverage of the recent racist revelations here.

If you have experienced racism at Exeter University please contact and we will contact you.

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