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Breaking news: Saturday Lemmy has been CANCELLED indefinitely

Lemmy is no more

It's the night that we all love to hate, but nevertheless is a right of passage for all Exeter students. How will we cope when it's actually gone?

The statement released on the website says that the devastating decision comes after "a dramatic and continuous dip in attendance in recent months". The Guild has blamed this huge dip in the growing popularity of clubs in town. Or perhaps this year's freshers are more boring than in previous years?

A rather empty looking Lemmy

It appears that even the cheap drinks – the famous 3 VKs for a fiver – could not entice the hoard of students that once descended on the Lemmy like a religious pilgrimage every Saturday night. With not even the promise of a jam sandwich at the end of the night tempting students to return.

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The Lemmy is one of the first experiences we all have as students at Exeter, with its cheesy school disco vibe, it helps to ease us into the "clubbing" lifestyle here in Exeter. One of its major selling points was the stamp system that meant we could leave to drink our own alcohol rather than spending our hard earned student loans all in one place.

If you lived, or in my case knew someone who lived, in Lafrowda or the nearby halls you were considered lucky to be in close proximity to the venue for the biggest student night on a Saturday.

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A Lemmy goer in their natural habitat

The Guild has reassured us that despite Saturday Lemmy being put on hold, other events will continue to run at the venue, with there being an increased focus on "live music and other student activities".

So for one last time, take it away Robbie…