‘New year, new me’ : A guide to the ultimate Exetah resolutions

A list of the resolutions an average Exeter student will probably make and definitely break…

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Cutting down on the shameful daily Pret habit

A glorious sight to be had.

Who can resist the allure of those tightly packaged sandwiches and little mango pots? Not to mention the delicious selection of hot beverages; you just can't make a hoisin duck salad wrap and rice-coconut flat white at home.

Drinking less

Alcohol whittling down your wallet and your dignity.

If you are brave enough to commit to Dry January or are just simply cutting back because you became a low-key alcoholic last term, this is a common resolution that will be made with the best intentions…but will definitely be broken immediately!

On the subject of alcohol, to stop buying unnecessary drinks at the club

Pre hard or go home and never take your contactless card on a night out.

There is literally no point to VK's – they are basically glorified J2O's and the blue one tastes just like Powerade.

Eating healthier and going to the gym

Resisting the temptation to buy drunk food – especially Exeter's famous curly fries after a night out.

Well I did say these resolutions are unrealistic.

Working in the library more

If you can get a seat that is.

Obviously the purpose of going to university is to gain a good degree. However, the sad irony is that it is necessary to do break all these resolutions to survive so keep doing what you are doing and stay strong!