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Six *very important* reasons you should vote in the General Election

A last-ditch attempt to inspire you

A definitive ranking of Exeter’s best pints

If in doubt, Spoons

These 20 reactions to the end of ExeHonestly will make you weep like a baby

The mourning period begins

Exeter has a campus cat and he’s the most adorable thing you will EVER SEE

Exeter’s biggest flirt

Vote for Exeter’s BNOC 2019: Round four

Get voting for your favourite!

The University has listened: Greggs will replace Pret in the Forum

Ditch your morning coffee for a sausage roll

Exeter has raised more money for Movember than any other uni: Marvel at their tashes

Not by just a hair

University of Exeter to join boycott of UAE following jailing of Matthew Hedges

This comes after the PhD researcher was jailed for life

Meet Jack Ramsay: Gordon Ramsay’s son and Exeter Uni second year

Omg what if his dad drops him off outside halls

Exeter sent students a ‘motivational’ email which included a quote from a Nazi General

The quote was randomly generated online

Revealed: Exeter Uni saved £600,000 during the UCU strikes

The university won’t be given all the money

All the mistakes you inevitably make as a fresher at Exeter Uni

Because first year is a learning curve

Students have called out the Guild for their shortcomings in an open letter

The letter detailed the reasons why they felt the Guild had failed in its role and how they could improve the situation

How to fake it in Exetah

Fake it till you make it

‘I sat in that chair crying for three hours’: We spoke to a survivor of the Florida shooting

‘I won’t be leaving this fight until I can say it’s over and that we won’

This is the official Exeter basic bitch starter pack

Do you have what it takes?

Surviving a vegan diet for a week

Worst week ever?

The Enchanted Garden Ball page has been taken over by trolls

Tickets may have sold out but the bants is still available in abundance

Exact plans for four weeks of staff strikes at Exeter released

Give me my money back

‘New year, new me’ : A guide to the ultimate Exetah resolutions

A list of the resolutions an average Exeter student will probably make and definitely break…