Why Everyone has now got the Fever

There are two types of people in the world: those that openly love Fever and those in denial

For anyone who isn't a keen bean and adventurous fresher, nights out in Exeter are dedicated to the firm favourites for seasoned second years and older.

Or are they? Queue Fever and Boutique, this year's biggest game changer.

The Tab Exeter sent one of their own to investigate and it's safe to say that loyalties have now been royally shifted…

The Aesthetic

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edgy af

I may sound like an over excited child when I say this, but drunk me is fascinated by every little thing, especially the cool laser lights at Fever. This is my drunk, easily amused self talking again, but honestly what drunk person at Exe will not be amused by a dance floor after years of complaining about and getting used to nasty, sticky floors. The disco balls will add an extra special touch to your Instagram theme.


Being a lightweight I don't really need a lot of alcohol to ignore the mess that myself and everyone around me is. But that's not the case for everyone. When you do start getting bothered by people stepping on your feet, you know it’s time for a drink. Long queues and slow service put will sober you up and you end up going home because you're not as turnt as your friends. Fever has put a stop to that- I’ve never had to queue longer than 10 minutes- get to the bar, get served, do a shot and I’m ready to go do a few drops.

£2 Drinks

Quick service coupled with cheap drinks; what more could you ask for? £2 Tequila shots and VKs is what I live for. My usually stingy self would probably even buy you a round at Fever, although my bank account could do without it.

Quality Toilet Selfies

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Call me narcissistic or vain but for most of us, a good night out is incomplete without a drunk toilet photoshoot- even if you wake up to realise all of your photos were as messy as you were. The toilets at Fever will not let you down- massive mirrors and great lighting for you to let your inner Kim K out, only for none of those photos to ever make it past your group chat.

Every night is Cheesys night

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Cheesys is everyone's guilty pleasure (don't even lie about it), but halfway through the night, when the tequila has kicked in, you want something you can get down to and something that is not the Grease medley. Fever solves this dilemma. Every night is Cheesys in Boutique. If you’re sick of one room, a whole new genre of music is just a door away- it’s that simple!

Free Food?

They’ve given out free chicken nuggets, they’re giving out Krispy Kreme and as someone who starts contemplating a post night out meal as soon as I get to the club, I could not ask for more.

So thank you Fever, for adding a special touch to Exeter’s infamous lack of nightlife.