The Undie Run: Another excuse to wear your underwear in public

This is pants

What is it with people in Exeter stripping off for charity?

Campus is set to host an Undie Run on October 27th in aid of Cancer Research UK.

We spoke to the man behind the event, Politics and French second-year Charlie Speller.

So  what is Stand Up to Cancer?

Stand Up to Cancer is a month-long campaign that happens every year, it’s already quite big in America, and it culminates in a big TV show on the 17th October on Channel 4 with lots of celebrity guests, kind of like Children in Need.

The idea is to raise as much money to cure as many types of cancer, not just one specific type. Cancer Research UK is a separate charity, and is supporting Stand Up to Cancer.

What is the Undie Run?It’s a 1K run, starting at the top of the Forum, but we’ll also have a raffle going on there with prizes including a TP gold card, free meals at Hubbox, Waterfront, Riverside Cafe and more.

We also have Bake soc  making and selling underwear-themed cakes for Cancer Research UK.

The run itself is going around car park B, up to the Sports Park, through the car park, and back down.

So it’s not very far at all, and the idea is that everyone runs in their underwear.

If they’re not comfortable with that, which is fair enough, they’re encouraged to wear the Stand Up to Cancer colours which are orange and black.

I know a lot of the hockey girls are taking this and going as tigers, and if you go on YouTube you can see all the different costume ideas that people have had on past runs in America and Australia that go beyond literal underwear.

So it’s the first year we’re doing it in the UK, but there’s 31 universities overall doing it, and we’re hoping it will be the start of something big!

What made you want to get so involved with this cause?

On a personal level, cancer is something that has always affected me in my family.

Breast cancer in particular has affected my family throughout generations, so on a personal level that’s something that’s always really interested me and made me want to do it.

On another level, it’s also a great opportunity to be involved in something huge.

Charlie Speller

How can students get involved with it?

There’s the Facebook page of the Exeter specific event, although you’re not signed up to do the run until you go to the official Undie Run page and register.

When you register you create a Just Giving page, and in order to register you have to donate £2.

If you donate £2 you get one raffle ticket for the gold card, and if you donate £5 you get two raffle tickets.

Any tips for people wanting to get involved?

If you’re not that athletic you can definitely walk it! You don’t have to run… it really is up to you what you do.

Get creative with dressing up, you can wear black and orange onesies, maybe bring banners…whatever you can think of.

If you don’t want to get involved by running, there are plenty of other ways to take part.

We need stewards on the day, people to run the stalls with RAG, and if you have any ideas of ways you might be able to contribute, perhaps having your own stall on the day then get in touch and that would be fantastic as well!

And finally…. what will you be running in?

I’ve, uh, got a very nice pair of briefs that I’ve been provided by Cancer Research UK, and I’ve been instructed to have #UNDIERUN on my chest.

Even if you haven’t signed up before the event, you can turn up on the day and donate to take part. 

To find out more, you can visit the Facebook event here, and you can register for the event itself here