It’s our boi: Jamie Laing back in Exeter

“Beautiful” Made In Chelsea star is set to host Clique Mondays at Timepiece tomorrow night

After spending his summer between London and New York City, the only logical way for Jamie Laing to end it is here, in Exeter, the other cosmopolitan capital of the UK.

The pardy boi is famous for his bleach blond hair, impressive tan and success with the ladies, but now its time for him to hit up TP and host the club’s weekly Clique Mondays event, after the self-proclaimed success of his appearance last year.

Exeter students wait with baited breath for his antics; will he venture up to top top for Our House DJ Josh Toogood’s set, and is there any chance of a sleepover for a lucky lady with the McVitie’s heir?

He obviously loves The Tab

Some students are delighted by the possibility.

Masters student Beth proclaimed “This is literally the most exciting thing that has happened in Exeter since last time Jamie made an appearance. He is a sex god!

“He isn’t as beautiful as Proudlock, but he’s pretty beautiful. If there’s any way of meeting him then I will be there.”

First year student Katie is also bouncing off the walls at the news of his visit, with her reaction being, “I CAN’T FRICKING WAIT OMG he’s from made in Chelsea. He’s such a beautiful creation”

Not all students are quite so enthusiastic, however. Mia, a second year English student told The Tab, “I tried to go to his event at Timepiece last year and it was a flop.

“We waited for hours to see him and he was literally there for five minutes. I’m too disheartened to try again this year.”

Other students don’t appear to be too bothered by the whole thing, with first year Gabby telling The Tab she thinks he’s “probably some kind of DJ or something”

First year philosopher Theodore boldly stated that “I only found out today that such a creature exists, a creature, that like the rest of the inhabitants of the cesspit that is “Made in Chelsea”, I would happily choose a round of Shotgun-tasting over partying with.” 

Despite the division of students, there will undoubtedly a lot of screaming and squealing over the cheeky TV star tomorrow night, and probably more than a few broken hearts if he ends up going home alone.