Bigwigs call time on Inflatables down the Exe event

Council and uni chiefs veto planned nautical party, amid concerns about widespread student jollity (among other things)

The *Inflatables down the Exe* event that was set to take place later this month has been cancelled.

Following a meeting of University officials, event organisers Tom Shopland and Pierre Keyzar and various emergency services, the maritime post-exam celebrations have been forbidden.

Plans were for the thousands of confirmed attendees to board inflatable craft at the Mill on the Exe pub, before floating down to Topsham, stopping at various drinking establishments along the way.

The event’s organisers cancelled following ‘meeting with the university / council / police / fire department, amongst others’

Reaction to the council’s decision has been broadly negative, with Alex, a 2nd year student at the University, condemning the council’s actions.

He said, “Obviously there are dangers involved, but events of this type have taken place before and nobody has been hurt.”

“There comes a point where one must question quite what right the council have to stop a group of individuals gathering of their own free will and acting in a perfectly lawful manner.”

On the event itself, Facebook user Suga Lolo wrote “Can’t believe BNP are allowed to hand out leaflets and EDL can march our streets spouting racism but when it comes to some light hearted nautical jollity the council swoops in like a giant eagle covered in dog shit and puts a swift stop to things.

“Seems like my council tax is being wisely spent on supplementing fascists and policing my fun. FUCK YOU”

Others have expressed relief at the Council’s intervention. Ali, a 1st year student, said “As much fun as this might have been, it was hardly feasible.

“A bunch of pissed up students sailing down a river in craft of questionable integrity is a recipe for disaster.”

The popular club Cellar Door took a more wry approach in announcing that they plan to host an event on the same day.

They said “We think it is absolutely abhorrent that people were even considering using the river for something enjoyable and in no way should anyone ever consider taking pleasure by combing inflatable watercraft and alcohol on a sunny day in May, disgraceful.

“Anyone considering doing it anyway should definitely not but we’re still going to throw this party anyway…”

‘This event in no way endorses having any sort of fun with inflatable watercraft’

Doubtless the students of Exeter will find some other way to rile the geriatrics in the Council’s offices soon enough.