Review: RAG Prohibition Ball

The Prohibition Ball attempted to fill SSB’s massive shoes. But how did it fare?

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After criticism over ticket prices, a lack of sexual entity, a tightened budget and the ongoing battle to actually get an event off the ground, it would all come together in the Phoenix.

Naturally, the vast grandeur and looseness of the SSB really was irreplaceable after the implementation of various restrictions on the RAG gang, yet it was in fact the Prohibition Ball that had the final word and was a real success story.

Exeter Phoenix

The Phoenix seemed to be the ideal venue for such an event. Its bar area and dancefloor combined perfectly allowing ball-goers to mingle whilst socialising and admiring each other’s costumes, with everyone looking dapper.

It seems somewhat, and perhaps purposely, ironic that the prohibited SSB moved from campus to Bradninch Place, The Phoenix, one of our university’s original buildings.

In keeping with the 1920s theme, Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby was being projected on the wall and an array of decorations straight out of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel could be found around the building.

Eat your heart out Daisy Buchanan

Although perhaps a little early for the vast majority of goers, the live music was a highlight.

The support of local bands was clearly the intention and along with local and up-and-coming DJs, the sets were a pleasant change from our much beloved Friday TP.

RAG’s Chris Capper said, “The night was a success, everyone we have spoken to seemed to have a good night and we certainly enjoyed it.

“It was a relief to see it all pulled off in the end.”

The SSB and Prohibition, it has to remembered, are both very different events, with the only similarity being that they were both RAG’s centrepiece and both left you feeling rancid for the rest of the next day.

Anyone that went to Prohibition with hopes of stripping off at midnight to relive last year will have been disappointed.

We, the perhaps most talked about student body in the country at the moment, will and must cherish our memories of last year’s and previous SSBs.

Overall, RAG put on a solid night. The ball was a change from our usual Friday night and certainly a nice one off to add to the array of nights out and balls our Uni and city have to offer.

Capper concluded by saying, ‘We bloody well tried to squeeze every penny out of the budget.’

For that, we at The Tab applaud you, Mr Capper, old sport.