16 new societies – and Joffrey lends support to Exeter’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Soc

Student societies experience a boom as 16 more are added.

The Students Guild the tab the tab exeter University of Exeter

The Students’ Guild, which has a whooping 200 student-led societies, has added 16 more to the mix.

The new societies include: Sherlock Holmes, Tenpin Bowling, Shakespeare, Pokemon, Nerf and Game of Thrones.

Nick Lawley, president of the Game of Thrones Society said, “The society is there because the demand was so high!”

EU GOT Soc social at Old Timers –  King’s Landing was a bit too far

“It took us a while to become Guild affiliated, but it has all been worth it. We have had a variety of socials, pub quizzes, nights in Arena and board games.

“The highlight for our society was probably having Jack Gleeson (who plays Joffrey) say on video that he supports us.

Jack Gleeson gives his approval

President of the Nerf Society, Sasha Gibbins, said, “The affiliation process really forced us to consider what kind of a society we wanted to be – in the end we decided to just be about having a lot of fun shooting foam darts at each other!”

Head on over to the Guild’s website for more information on signing up.