The Wurzels ‘send our knickers into orbit’

Jess Rayner catches up with our fave cider-drinking boy band at Hole in the Wall’s Cider Dogs

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Here at The Tab, we bloody love the West Country. The farmer accents, the constant access to cider and the favoured cuisine of pasties and sausages all make being a student here pretty damn good.

So, when we had to chance to meet the combine-harvesting Kings of the West, The Wurzels, at the opening of Hole in the Wall’s new restaurant, Cider Dogs, we jumped on it.

Getting up close and personal with the lads

They played a kick-ass set, including a dance version of ‘I’ve Got A Brand New Combine Harvester’ – yes, THIS EXISTS!

Whilst there was some questionable flirting with all the ladies – “This next move will send your knickers into orbit!” – accordionist Tommy Banner also stripped off for the finale.


After all that action, we caught up with the Somerset Scrumpy fans backstage for a quick chat:

Jess Rayner (JR): What a great set guys! How do you like Exeter?

The Wurzels (TW): We love it here in Devon. Pete [Budd] lived here for a long time. It’s really nice down ‘ere.

JR: I agree! I’m from Essex which is a bit of a different county.

TW: Oh you’re an Essex girl are you? That’s where all those very sun-tanned lads come from…

JR: Haha, yes! Plenty of sunshine in Essex. Did you have a good time when you performed at the Lemon Grove last year?

TW: Yes we did. We played at the students’ union last year and we blew those students away. I don’t think the ladies could handle it!

JR: Well, you were certainly pulling out all the moves tonight. Do you think students are a good crowd?

TW: We’ve played at nearly all the students’ unions by now and we still enjoy it. You’re big cider drinkers, you West Country students!

All bands should have a banjo player

JR: We certainly are. What’s your favourite type of cider?

TW: We’re all fans of Thatchers from good ol’Somerset but Pete [the lead singer] actually prefers a bitter when he’s singing.

Paul: Cider dries my throat up so I can’t charm the ladies with my smooth voice. I do enjoy one every now and then when I’m off-duty.

JR: Have the floods affected you guys and your combine harvester?

TW: We’ve been pretty lucky actually – no major damages! And no, the combine is working just fine!

Hole In The Wall gets a bit of sausage action

As well as meeting The Wurzels, we also got a sneak peek at the offerings of Hole in the Wall’s new restaurant, Cider Dogs.

Serving – you guessed it – local ciders and some delicious-smelling sausages, it seemed like a great place for dinner with friends or even on a date.

A perfect place for a date or dinner with friends

It is also conveniently located over the Timepiece queue so, on a Wednesday, you can do a bit of cheeky spying if you so wish.

Third Year History student, Lydia Murtezaoglu commented: “They’ve done a fantastic job with the place. It has a buzzy atmosphere and the cider selection is great!”

‘The cider selection is great’

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