Valentine’s Lessons in Love

Tweeting “John&Jane4EVA #love” is a thing of the past

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One of Exeter’s English Literature experts decided to teach the skills to profess undying love through the art of writing a truly romantic love letter.

Dr. Emily Bemhard Jackson gave a workshop on 6th February for all those unrequited lovers out there who wished to learn the art of romantic writing.

It looked at love poems from the most famous Romantic poet, Lord Byron, then examined the work of lovers (such as Anne Boleyn and Simone de Beauvoir).

Lord Byron

The professor used information from her book, “The Comma Sutra,” which is a guide on how to create elegant and successful writing.

Jackson, a specialist in 19th Century Romantic and Victorian literature, said: “Everyone has magic in them, but not everyone can bring it out.

“Everyone yearns to be loved, everyone loves, and everyone deserves to know how to make their feelings known.

“To communicate with subtlety and grace, to persuade charmingly but completely, is a skill that everyone should have.”