What NOT to wear to the gym

The ultimate stereotypes that you HAVE to avoid

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Sick of seeing that girl with the visible panty line? The guy parading around with his protein shake? Here’s our guide on how to spot (and avoid) the worst style offenders in the gym.

Stash Girl

Having freshly received 2014’s new stash, the gym can be seen as a hub to showcase the various ‘high quality’ items that Kukri has to offer…

Showing loyalty for your club, yes. However dressing head to toe in green and white, no. Potentially a bit more mascot than member…

Look guys! Everything I’m wearing is STASH!

Protein Boy

Protein shake in one hand and a gym plan in the other, this army of beater-clad boys have been known to get it so right – and then so, SO wrong.

We’re all for arms out (for practicality of course…) but please, restrain from over doing it and walking in looking like James from Geordie shore (a big no no.)

‘I’m not flexing, honestly. My biceps naturally bulge like this’


You’ve seen them posing on the mats, up-hill walking and talking on the phone mid treadmill – yep it’s the ‘Gluts’; the new species of girl dubbed as ‘Gym Sluts’.

Clothes wise, you’ll spot them a mile off, not because of their fluorescent tan but because of their unmissable tight and bright lycra gym wear.  Be careful not to clash and girls, most importantly, avoid VPL.

Oh this? I just threw this on.

Super Keen

For these keenos, it’s a strong case of ‘all the gear and no idea’ at times. Decked out in various different sporting brands, they look like they’ve stepped straight out of a Nike campaign.

Outside the gym (if they ever leave) they can be spotted deciding between colours for their next purchase of Nike Free Runs. To fit in with the crowd, follow their practical yet fashionable approach to gymming. Potentially the way forward..

This outfit took 6 months to put together

And finally…

Showing us all how it should be done – we present to you the glowing Adonis that is TJ Nartey doing some weights in a Tab T-shirt. Why? Because we can.

Of course, anything Tab-related is good