Rent Prices Soar Through The Roof

Exeter University removes freeze on rent prices.

accommodation Exeter rent the tab the tab exeter University of Exeter

Despite the weather being freezing in Exeter, the prices of University accommodation are getting prospective freshers hot under the collar as new rent increases are released.

Whilst the university claims to base the tariffs on value for money and take maintenance loans into account, only 0.05% of accommodation will not face an increase  – equal to a grand sum of 18 bed spaces.

Current catered prices peak at a room with a view in Holland Hall (totes the only room worth having, yah) at £212.03 and a self-catered studio at The Printworks coming in at £180 a week, but even these prices could see an increase.

Holland Hall in all its expensive glory

A University spokesperson said: “56% of accommodation has increased by only 3% or less and 9% of self-catered accommodation is available for less than £100 per week,” stating that “it has not been financially viable to freeze for another year.”

The highest increase proposed stands at 4.56% and 1454 of university owned bed spaces (29%) will face this rise.

Whilst the rises in rent are less than inflation on just over half of the accommodation, they are still set to get freshers scraping the last pennies and missing out on those crucial post-lash visits to Mega Kebab.