Entrepreneurial Tips: YoungOnes

Thinking of setting up your own business? Let YoungOnes (and The Tab) give you a helping hand.

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After bagging £75,000 of Duncan Bannatyne’s dollar in the Dragons’ Den in September, YoungOnes founders and University of Exeter graduates, Tom Carson and Chris Rea, have learnt a thing or two about starting up your own business.

For all you budding entrepeneurs, here are their top four business tips:

Tom and Chris pitching to the Dragons.

Looking the part, Tom and Chris pitching to the Dragons.

1. Tom: “Set up something and take a risk. Even if it doesn’t make much money, it will look great on the CV, and you will have great fun doing it.”

2. Chris: “It’s extremely hard to get a job these days. It’s not just about doing well in exams anymore. If you have an idea, write it down and do some research.”

3. Tom: “Learn graphic design and how to create websites. A good website goes a long way to getting your idea off the ground and into something successful – and you save money by not having to pay someone to design things for you.”

4. Chris: “Don’t be afraid to discuss ideas with your friends and family. Pitch to them. See if they think your idea is a good one. I pitch ideas to my Mum and she often sees things from a different perspective, spotting holes in them I couldn’t see.

“Equally, despite what others say, sometimes you just know your idea can be successful. In my first year (at Exeter), my friends were convinced that YoungOnes could not be successful. Luckily, I paid no attention!”

Tom and Chris after sealing their deal with Duncan.

Tom and Chris just after sealing their £75,000 deal with Duncan.

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