The 5 people you WILL meet in your halls

Worried about who you’ll meet in your flat this year? Jess Rayner hits every stereotype pretty accurately…

Exeter definitely attracts a mixed bag and luckily for you, you’ll be sharing a bathroom with some of them!

Here’s your guide to the interesting characters you’ll meet.


You can never quite understand what they’re saying mainly because they speak in abbreviations and scoffs. They also seem to have a coloured chino and rugby top fetish and gravity defying fringes.

Don’t be alarmed by them, they are usually harmless and are prone to buying you drinks on a night out; ‘I’ll get this round in lads!’ Tell them all about your state school education and lack of tenniscourts in your garden, they’ll be very excited to have a token ‘working class’ friend.


You know they actually live in your flat; their stuff is in the kitchen and you did catch their door closing that time you came in at 4am. But apart from that brief encounter, it’s as if they are invisible.

Things move, you hear noises but you’ve never actually held a conversation with them. Maybe they’re just nocturnal? Or super popular so they’re ALWAYS out? Either way, you can’t quite remember their name, what course they’re doing or if they even speak English. Friend for life?

Maybe not…


They’re super excited to be at university in England, it’s just like Skins right? But then they realise that England is cold, like REALLY cold. And it rains all the time. And, oh wait, it’s not really like Skins.

They’ll teach you how to swear in all sorts of languages, put you to shame in your essay marks and your cooking skills. Need a new drinking game? They’re bound to have some crazy ones from back home which involves much more chugging than a social. Fantastich!


The signs are there. The beaded bracelets layered on their wrists, slightly faded tan, tendency to wear flip flops everywhere, the maps and photos all over their walls. After a week, you’ve heard all their stories about teaching English to Bolivian orphans, full moon parties in Phuket and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef.

Most of their sentences start with ‘this one time on my gap yah…’ followed by some story which makes you incredibly jealous (or incredibly bored…) At least they become old before you do…


Their shelf in the fridge has more alcohol than food. They don’t emerge from their room until 2pm earliest, nursing a hangover and asking if you’re ‘up for tonight? Pre-drinks at 9 yeah?’ Every other night they’re telling you about some party in Mount Pleasant (with second years?! GASP!)

They’re a decent person to know; they know all the bouncers so you can skip the queue, they know all the bartenders so you can get free drinks. Just don’t expect to go home with them, they’ll definitely be ‘sleeping’ somewhere else…