NEW Exeter Fashion Society

Adrien Book chats about plans for the first Fashion Society in Exeter

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The first ever University of Exeter Fashion Society is set to be launched imminently.
Although this sounds incredible, it seems Rebecca McPhersson- first year Classical Studies student and President of the society, has found a gap in the market amongst the many other thriving societies we have available.
Speaking to Adrien Book, a first year Business Management student and newly appointed Creative Director, I asked him what to sum up the society in one sentence: “we want to bring fashionista’s in Exeter together, offering a breath of fresh air to fashion lifestyle and give people a welcoming environment in which to develop and express their style.”
The society has already been receiving lots of interest and enthusiasm from students from all levels of study and the committee elections last week were hotly contested.
Adrien explains their first social last week at The Imperial had a great turn out despite the last minute organisation and says there will be many more to come, probably themed around “fashion eras” to draw on the societies aims and get away from the “standard animal fancy dress” that has become perhaps a little too predictable.
Aside from these socials the society has big plans. Key ideas for next academic year include a trip to London Fashion Week with backstage entrance and a large scale charity fashion show showcasing both high street and up and coming student designers from across the country along with a networking event.
He explains that the collective connections of just the committee alone would allow Bodyshop to do hair and makeup and Urban Outfitters to showcase designs and maybe even offer discounts.
These are ambitious plans, but it seems the Fashion Soc are a very well networked bunch of people with connections to Grazia, Made in Chelsea, Bodyshop and online sites like fashion beans and to name but a few. They also hope to run a regular fashion blog, get in contact with PR companies, review fashion designers and manufacture a brand.
He says the society will appeal to anyone with an interest in fashion, whether it be designing, modelling, blogging or simply a love of good clothes. He stresses the society will hope to nurture young fashion enthusiasts and build skills for people’s CV’s, whilst still being open, fun and accessible to anyone, whatever their passion.
At an estimated price of £10 for the year, hoping to include high quality stash shipped over from Turkey, this may be one of the best value for money societies in Exeter!
For more information about the society and for upcoming events and news, you can head to their Facebook page:
With the next academic year on the horizon, this may well be a society I’ll have to check out at the Fresher’s fair in September!