T3 Drama Festival

Intrigued about what Drama students are up to in term 3? Come and see a show!

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It’s fair to say that as a drama student we may not be the most respected amongst our peers.


From endless jibes about how we’re not getting a ‘real’ degree, to requests to see our “tree impersonation” that apparently we must all be fully practised in; we learn pretty early on to just laugh along at the mockery and pray that 5 years down the line we’ll be the ones with higher salaries in a job we actually enjoy and the joke will be on them.


Let’s face it though, working as a waitress may be our best bet! This time of year however is one which invites the most mockery. Whilst the whole of the Uni turns into hermits and slavishly attempts to cram a terms worth of knowledge into an ever dwindling study period; we drama students don’t have exams- and yes we appreciate that this is perhaps a little unfair.

Instead of exams, term 3 in the Drama department is focused on students building practical experience, and formal studying is replaced with an Edinburgh-Fringe-esque T3 Drama Festival.


As students, we are encouraged to try our hand at directing, acting, writing, producing, teching, costume or any other role that seems to be necessary for the performance.


It’s an exciting time to hone your skills in a certain area or just give something a go and perhaps discover a future career option you never knew you had.


In fact, contrary to belief, we don’t just lie in bed all day and many drama students find themselves busier in term 3 then they have done all year with endless rehearsals, meetings and theatre viewing opportunities to be had.

Showcasing over 50 productions, this year’s T3 Drama Festival is already in full swing. The seven week long spectacle of performances ranges from comedy nights, dance theatre, script adaptations, writer’s evenings and devised work.


Students from all levels of study in the University are participating in a creativity overload that lasts all term.

Upcoming productions include:

-An adaptation of the classic 80s movie “The Breakfast Club,” directed by Sian Keen and Felicity Cant and performed today in RS2.


-“Bird Pie: An Adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Twits” directed by Laura Doble and performed at The Exeter Northcott Theatre on the 21st of May with both performers and audience members on the stage taking a journey around the space.


-“It Is Enough” directed by Milli Jarlett on the 23rd May in TS2: a devised physical theatre dance piece inspired by Bach’s Cantata No. 82 ‘Ich Habe Genung.’


These are just a sample of many exciting, ambitious and diverse performances that are happening across campus. For a full list of performances, more information about the shows and to reserve your ticket, head to the “What’s on” drama page.

T3 shows are priced at a bargain of £1 in order to help with production costs, so if you’re coming to support a friend or you’re simply intrigued to see what it is us elusive Drama students actually get up to, then come along, see a show and go on your day feeling a little more cultured!
You never know… you might get to experience a tree impersonation that really blows your mind.