The Jobs You Don’t Want

The Arena Toliet cleaner, My Exeter customer service, the Janitor of a Porno Theatre…

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It’s that time of year. For most, the first exam has been and gone, but more loom ominously on the horizon.

Revision is beginning to flag as Timepiece Friday becomes more and more appealing.

Your room needs tidying three times a day to maintain a clean working environment, and you’ve never been to the gym so many times in the space of a week!

The library is too busy, too loud and too far away to walk.

But the end is in sight, and if you needed any extra motivation, here it is.

The Drop has scoured the internet and asked around campus to find some of the worst jobs that you’ll probably want to avoid when you graduate.

The Arena Toilet cleaner.

First on our list is the job that, let’s be honest, nobody wants. Yes the Arena toilet man is a bit of an Exeter legend, but no, he doesn’t own a Ferrari like he claims. Selling lollipops and aftershave for loose change can’t be the most profitable of jobs, plus dealing with drunken students stumbling around certainly wouldn’t rank in my number one things to do. It might be fun for an hour or two, but this job would quickly turn sour.

The Janitor of a Porno Theatre

Well somebody has to do it because unfortunately, the place isn’t going to clean itself! This job involves taking your mop and hoover to the set after each show is finished, then doing it all again half an hour later. You’ll probably have loads of male friends but this isn’t the sort of job that you’d discuss with your mother…or any part of your family for that matter.

Cat food quality controller.

British man Jon Hanson had what he described as ‘the worst job in his entire life’: quality control on cat food. The job involves not only tasting and observing the quality of the meat (if we can call it that), but also sticking your head into an enormous tub and smelling to see if it ‘seems ok.’ That’s not all. Jon also had to ‘plunge his arms into it, all the way up to his elbows, and grope for bony bits and take them out. Oh the things we do for our pets.

Customer service correspondent for 'MyExeter'.

Possibly the only website that goes down so frequently that it needs its own back-up website. Dealing with stressed and tired students during exam season who've tried 13 times before they finally reach their emails would be hell on earth. Why is it a single sign in session anyway?!

Paper Boy/Girl

I’d imagine plenty of you reading this probably delivered papers or flirted with the idea at one stage during your life. And I’d guess it was when you were about 12. Returning to this sort of job would feel like a step back to the year 2000, when Busted were number one and Lonsdale tracksuits were the bee's knees. You also have to get up really early, which for students, rarely happens.

Working in an Egg Factory

This job came up on every website that I visited, so it has got to be bad. Marion spent his Saturday mornings led on his back (not asleep) under the machines scraping rotten eggs off the conveyer belts. This job also entails standing in a dimly lit room packing eggs into a box for 8 hours a day. I’d rather go without an omelette or two rather than do this for the rest of my life.

Sewage Cleaner

Kevin McGoldrick from Texas had the job that he said ‘gave him the inspiration to complete school and find a cushy desk job.’ During his summer holidays as a teenager, Kevin would descend three levels underground into a 6 metre cubed sized room full of sewage. The grinders would be stopped, and the room pumped out (well that’s nice of them). It was then Kevin’s job to climb into the room and wash it down with a hose until it looked spik and span. Then it would fill up with sewage again. Pointless? Very.

There are plenty of pretty poor jobs out there. Heard of a worse one? Tell us in the comment section below, or tweet us @exeterdrop.

Good luck with exams,

The Exeter Drop Team