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Oliver Rossiter
Exeter University


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Drink the Vic Dry

Get the beers in…

The Tab Tries…Itchy Feet

“The best fu**ing night of your life” or “ a total waste of time”?

Huge day of sport at Topsham looms

Three teams can go top of their leagues tomorrow.

Mardon Victorious in ‘Battle of the Halls’

OS: ” Mardon Smashed It.”

Uni Shuts Down Confessions

Popular ‘Exeter Uni Confessions’ Facebook page closes after uni pressure

Fifa in the Forum

Islamic Soc are hosting the tournament to end all tournaments

Football Club BUCS up

After the highs of Varsity, it’s time to take on the league

So what’s wrong with the Forum?

The Forum’s transformed Exeter. But some people are never satisfied.

Inaugural Rowing Varsity Today!

The first ever rowing Varsity is set to kick off tomorrow between Exeter City and Exeter University

Exeter Sitting Pretty In 10th

Exeter places 10th in the UK according to the Guardian’s recent league table.

The Drop Visits…Tea On The Green

9/10 for Tea On The Green

The Cancelled Exam: The Verdict

Do you agree with the Universities decision?

Man Versus Booze allegedly hospitalised

After downing 2 pints of absinthe, MvB was allegedly hospitalized last night.

Fire Alarm Leaves Students Fuming

Microeconomic’s exam cancelled.

The Jobs You Don’t Want

The Arena Toliet cleaner, My Exeter customer service, the Janitor of a Porno Theatre…

The Queen: Where And When?

Excitement is beginning to build in Exeter as the Queen’s visit to Devon draws ever closer.

Vote for curvy Rachael to be Star in a Bra

With less than a week to go before the winner is crowned, check out Maths and Management student Rachael and vote for her to be named Curvy Kate’s Star in a Bra.

Hannah Berney set to sing to the Queen.

Oli Rossiter on the meteoric rise of Hannah Berney.

Radio 1 set to Rock up in Devon

1,000 FREE tickets for Exeter Uni students.

Exeter Student Wows Tom Jones on ‘The Voice’.

Exeter Student Hannah Berney appears on the BBC One show ‘The Voice’

Swimmer upends Oxford-Cambridge Boatrace.

Astonishing scenes at the Thames.

Teenage girl allegedly raped at Dawlish Warren Beach

Police officers on the look-out for 4 men.

Grandmother Drowns at the Quay

Terribly sad news as a pensioner drowns at the Quay, Exeter.

Overheard at Exeter-Take Two

Everytime I watch The Lord Of The Rings I get a fat stalk on!

The Queen set to visit Exeter University

May 2nd: Her Majesty The Queen is set to visit Exeter to officially open the Forum.

The Guild…not looking out for our best interests?

Christopher Lodge ‘lodges’ his complaints against ‘the contentious speakers policy.’


The Drop’s top 5 places to go for a beer in the sun

Laura Johnson: Raped Before the Riots?

Exeter student involved in the riots allegedly raped just weeks before.

Exeter resident jailed after leaving Cannabis growing manual in the car

Police cracking down after the recent raids.

Best Of The South West: Varsity 2012

Exeter Uni V Bath Uni this weekend

8,000 Student Details Leaked By Student Finance

Thousands of student email addresses have been released into the public domain…

Curvy Kate

Rachael Holmes reaches the final 30 of the Curvy Kate competition

Overheard at Exeter

The best quotes from around campus, in Arena…in fact across all of Exeter this week


‘Bouncebackability’ the key for EUAFC 4s

Saunders Front Door Smashed Through

Police arrive on the scene at approximately 2:15am on Tuesday morning


At approximately 1pm on Thursday night a car crashed into the railings by St James Park…

24 hours without my smartphone

Pippa Rymill takes the plunge and decides to ditch her i-phone for a full 24hours…

Dare Devils RUN

The Dare Devils Charity RUN across Streatham campus is on the horizon…

The Drop Needs You!

Cribs, Come Dine With Me, Reviews, whatever you want!

BUCS Championships: Swimming

Exeter achieve one of the best results in their history in the recent BUCS swimming championships.

International Sports Month comes to Exeter

Dodgeball, The Grecians Shield and Running around in red pants, Oli Rossiter previews the International Sports Month.

Which degree has the hottest students


Lacking motivation to get in the gym? You’re not alone.

Get back in the routine with these tips

EUAFC 1s Within Touching Distance of Bramall Lane.

Bramall Lane awaits the winners of this Semi-Final.

Review: Joint Football-Cheerleading Social

Whipped cream, bananas, condoms and several roles of masking tape…what really goes on at a joint football-cheerleader social?

The Drop Meets…EUAFC Social Sec Stu Woolmer

Stu Woolmer picks his perfect EUAFC 11 and tells us what really goes on at football socials.

Michael Jackson and Brazil on our Doorstep!

Who knew the Brazilian national team and Michael Jackson had such close ties with Exeter City FC!

AU Presidential Debate: Do We Have A Winner?

Kirsten Adams gives us the low-down on the AU presidential debate.

The Drop Meets…Brett Richmond: AU Candidate

Brett Richmond talks to Sports Editor Oli Rossiter about the AU, getting naked at the BOP and the surprise he has up his sleeve.

Meet Your Athletics Union President.

Beth Hampson talks AU, her favourite night out in Exeter and the perks of being the AU president.

Not all doom and gloom for EUAFC

EUAFC look to a promising cup run as a distraction from their poor league form.