The Drop Is Hiring

Matt, Oli and Antonia with a brief message on next year.

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With a new academic year looming and 3rd year students departing for pastures new, Exeter Drop are looking to fill a few vacant positions.

The Drop is Exeter's most read and influential publication. 


Since Launch The Drop has had over  35,000 unique visitors and over 250,000 hits.  


If you are ambitious and serious about journalism this is the place to be. No experience necessary – all you need is enthusiasm. 




The Drop is always looking for regular writers and we are always happy to expand the team. Come along to one of our pub team drinks or email the editor and meet them another time. 


Please do not hesitate to contact for more information.

The positions we are looking to fill are as follows:


News Editor 

For all our roles we are looking for enthusiastic and creativity. A driven individual with connections as possible would be ideal. A news editor would be required to be pro-active in getting and writing news stories. Keeping your ear to the ground, so to speak, is crucial. We simply want to report on the news that’s going on at campus, in town, across Exeter, as and when it happens. A passion for attention to detail is also highly valued!

Sports Editor 

For this role, we are looking for two people, preferably a male and a female, to report on as many sporting events and matches that are going on at the Uni. Ideally, those students who are affiliated with one or more AU clubs would be great. The same general criteria applies as above, we want somebody who is proactive and has their eyes and ears open. You don’t have to be at the game, as long as you have somebody willing to write a report that is just as good.


Fashion Editor 

Similar to the above roles, we are looking for somebody with a particular knowledge of fashion, somebody that would be willing to go to campus and take photos and generally somebody who is inventive and willing to get involved. We are always welcoming new ideas and styles of articles, so we would want somebody who is passionate about the role and fashion itself.


With all the roles, it is important to note that we know YOUR DEGREE COMES FIRST. That is why we try to get as many people involved as possible, so we can cater around people’s schedules.

As an editor in general, you won't be required to write all the articles yourself. We have teams in place (which are in need of expansion) and when people send in articles you would simply edit them and send them to the general editors.


As long as you contribute as much as possible; we simply want our homepage to be fresh everyday with new content. That doesn’t always have to come from your section, we ideally aim for 3-4 articles from a section per week.


If you think this kind of responsibility is something you could take on and excel in, don't hesitate to email us:

We look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible.

The Drop Editorial Team