The Drop’s Summer Playlist 2012

Culture Editor Mark Gibbs compiles a playlist of our top music choices this summer

2012 Drop music Playlist Summer

Waking up to find that the arrival of British Summer Time had stolen an hour of our precious sleep in exchange for a few extra minutes for us pasty Brits to soak up the evening sunlight was rather cruel!

So we at The Drop decided it was definitely time to put together a playlist of songs to ensure that you get the absolute most of this sunny weather that could disappear at any moment.

1) What better way to start than with the kings of surf rock, the Beach Boys, with ‘Good Vibrations’?

Taken from their 1967 album Smile, this classic example of how stripped back, reverb drenched guitars and faultless harmonies really do stand the test of time. You’d be hard pushed to find somebody who doesn’t already love this song, so why not get everybody in the mood for summer right from the off?

2) It’s hard to think of a summer playlist from the last twenty years that hasn’t featured a track from one of the great British bands of the era, Oasis. So let’s get them out of the way early with the euphoric ‘Live Forever’.

This, the third single from the band’s debut record Definitely Maybe, pretty much set the Gallagher boys up for the rest of their career, and it’s a sure fire winner for those sunny days when all you want is for the summer to never end.

3) It’s probably a good idea to chuck something a little more up-to-date in here just to keep those of you hanging on the cutting edge from hurting yourselves, so we’ve gone for current buzz band Futures with ‘Sal Paradise’.

You may have caught these guys hanging around the Cavern last year, but from humble beginnings sees them finally get around to releasing their debut album on Mercury Records this summer. Just to wet your appetite, this track is from their 2010 mini-album The Holiday in which Ant and the boys have already showcased how their pop-infused rock tunes are the perfect accompaniment to a sunny day and a beer (…or soft drink).

4) Sticking with the guitars but tying a little more directly to the summer theme, next we have ‘Staying Out For The Summer’ by Dodgy.

Tacked on to the end of the Brit-Pop scene, the opening riff from this power-pop-rock trio instantly brings to mind visions of road trips to the beach and getting sunburnt at barbeques. They weren’t exactly the most popular band from the era, but this track’s a killer.

5) Another one-hit-wonder, but definitely one of those songs that will struggle not to get people moving; next up is ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ by Toploader.

We’re willing to bet that most people will have no idea that this is a cover of the 1975 King Harvest original, but Toploader definitely took the song to new heights, and it seems certain that there will be many a house party mimicking the buzzing video over the course of the summer.

6) If you’re more of a clubber than a house party kind of person, the Funkstar De Luxe remix of Bob Marley’s ‘Sun is Shining’ is definitely the sort of thing you’ll be needing to get you through the long summer nights.

Making its way up to number 3 in the UK charts back in 1999, the Danish house producer’s remix of Marley’s already brilliant reggae tune pretty much defines the summer, and will definitely get your feet more than tapping on each and every listen.

7) It’s important to make sure you don’t just spend the whole of your summer dancing into the early hours, if only to ensure that you do wake up in time to catch the sun and enjoy relaxing to our next choice, the incredibly laid back ‘Bam Bam’ by Sister Nancy.

Taken from her 1982 dancehall classic album One, Two, this reggae anthem epitomises the female voice within the dancehall scene, and is the perfect accompaniment to a cocktail or two next to the pool whilst you recover during the morning after the night before.

8) Of course, for some of us the summer isn’t just about clubbing and relaxing; there is the small matter of the Festival scene to consider, and what better a tribute than from Queens of the Stone Age with ‘Feel Good Hit of the Summer’?

Unflinchingly moshable, this ferocious chant navigates its way through some of the countless narcotics that make up much of the British Festival scene, whilst simultaneously rocking the fuck out and having a great time whilst doing it.

9) And now for something completely different… ‘Summer Holiday’ by Wild Nothing.

You could hardly ask for anything more chilled out than Jack Tatum’s dream-pop solo project Wild Nothing, and this track taken from his 2010 album Gemini is the next best thing to the gentle lapping of waves against the shores of that tropical paradise you’ve always dreamt about.

10) It seems only right to end a list like this with something of a summer classic, so we could think of nothing else but to go for Mungo Jerry with ‘In the Summertime’.

Having stuck around for seven weeks at number 1 in the UK back in 1970, as well as topping charts across the world, this definitive summer blockbuster is considered as one of the highest selling records of all time. It’s not hard to see why; with its joyfully carefree celebration of all things summer, and gently progressing chord structure, this song fully embodies everything that makes the summer worth getting excited about, perfectly concluding our playlist.

So that brings us to the end of The Drop’s Summer 2012 playlist, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey as much as we have.

Think we’ve missed something? Could you do better? Post your summer selections below, or tweet us @exeterdrop

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