Exeter Uni Student Trial Begins

Exeter University Student, Laura Johnson’s trial over her actions in the London riots begins.

laura johnson london riots


Second Year English and Italian student, Laura Johnson has been charged with stealing £5000 worth of electronics during the London riots this August.

The stolen goods allegedly include a Toshiba TV, Goodmans TV, microwave and mobile phones and were found in a car that the 20 year old was driving. Alcohol and cigarettes were also found in the car, as well as a balaclava, gloves and bandana.

Miss Johnson attended St Olave's Grammar School in Kent where she gained A*s in French, English Lit, Classical Civilisation and Geography A-levels and comes from a middle class background.

The court has been told she was not acting under duress, as previously been claimed.

At the time of the incident, when the police arrived Miss Johnson attempted to drive off but was stopped when her front window was smashed in by the police to prevent her leaving.

She was not acting alone and is believed to have been accompanied by 2 or 3 boys.

Miss Johnson is currently on bail on the condition she does not communicate with those present with her on the day of the incident. Whilst on bail, she must wear an electronic tag and is under curfew of between 7pm and 6am and is forbidden from entering any London postcode. Her potential accomplices have been denied bail.

It is believed that she will be pleading not guilty to the 5 accounts of burglary she is accused of.

Miss Johnson is due to return to court on September 21.

It is believed that Exeter University is withholding any action until a decision has been reached by the courts.

Today more information have come to light regarding the incident. 

It has been revealed to court that Laura Johnson was in a relationship with one of her fellow looters. The man, known as Sylar, Emmanuel and "T-Man", has previously served a prison sentence over possession of crack cocaine with intent to supply.

Miss Johnson states that the boys jumped into her car and forced her to act as she did. She claims that there was talk of violence including stabbing and a gun. One of the boys played footage on his mobile phone of someone being tortured.

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