Is One Day in February Really That Special?

Chloe Birch questions whether it’s only a Tuesday after all.

single valentines day

A single rose? Half a dozen roses? A dozen roses? Oh, the conundrum of working out the exact gesture you’d best receive.

Unbeknownst to that special man in your life, you’ve been planning the ultimate gift for weeks. Perhaps slipping a few (obvious) hints in here and there; you’ve been dreaming of romantic gestures, which get grander and more special by the minute.
On Valentine’s Day all you will see is love, romance and desire, whilst the rest of us will probably be sat at home watching Bridget Jones, with the only two men who are consistently, and solidly faithful in our lives: Ben and Jerry.
Yes, (as cynical as it may sound), Valentine’s Day is a bit like Alice’s Wonderland: wonderful if you’re part of it, however, on the outside it looks a lot like a chance to revel in the fact that you are part of the unique club that has someone to celebrate with!
There are the usual ‘why can’t you show your love every day of the year?’ excuses, but put simply, we’re all aware that for one day a year you either have it, or you don’t.
Unlike any other day of the year, you hope that by some miracle there really could be a secret admirer somewhere out there who has sent an anonymous card signed with a question mark.
You cross your fingers that someone (even your mum) might send something, ANYTHING to be opened. Best friends make pacts to send each other cards. I get more excited about birthday cards…
But, Valentine’s Day is also the day of the Beyoncé Knowles approach. ‘All the single ladies’ unite in their single status (largely in Arena) to let their hair down in the best way they know how: singing to their hearts content and finding all the single men on the dance floor.
Perhaps, with all the couples out elsewhere enjoying each other’s company, Valentine’s Day as a singleton has its advantages after all…