Edinburgh University introduces £1.50 lunch offer amid cost of living crisis

A selection of soups and roll fillings will be available

The University of Edinburgh has introduced a ‘cheaper lunch option’ across its campuses in an effort to counter the impact of rising costs on students.

In an email from the Law Student Support Office, it was announced that students are able to purchase soup or a roll for £1.50, as of 17 October.

The offer will apply in all cafes managed by the Estates and Accommodation, Catering and Events (ACE) department, including larger cafes in 40 George Square and Old College. These are seperate from those in Students’ Union (EUSA) buildings, such as Teviot Row House.

A different soup option will be available each day of the week, and four roll fillings will be included in the deal.

It has been introduced as part of the university’s wider plans to help tackle the cost of living crisis, which have already seen it fix the prices of food and drink at its cafes for the full year ahead, alongside this new measure.

The plans come just days after Edinburgh Napier University introduced a similar scheme, offering all students free breakfast on campus in order to help alleviate financial strain during the crisis.

With some Edinburgh University students struggling to find affordable housing – even resorting to living in Pollock Halls common rooms – it seems the cost of living crisis is severely impacting students’ lives.

In the email, the University showed a range of soup and roll options available to students for £1.50

ACE managed facilities will offer rolls for £1.50, with 4 options available.

Commenting on the scheme, a spokesperson for  The University of Edinburgh said: “The £1.50 meal option offered in all ACE-managed cafes and outlets is one of a range of initiatives to help students manage the cost of living” and stated that “further information on this and other help and support can be found on our website: https://www.ed.ac.uk/students/finance/cost-of-living”.


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