I scrolled back to the first post on celeb Instagrams and boy it was embarrassing

Justin Bieber’s 2011 mirror selfies are actually the cringiest thing to ever exist

It’s no secret that celebrities put a lot of time and effort into creating a perfect Instagram feed for their millions of followers to see and feel envious over.

So, when boredom struck to its highest peak last week, I decided to give myself repetitive strain injury and scroll back to the very first posts made by our beloved celebs. Allow me to tell you now, what I found was the definition of cringe.

From Justin Bieber’s heavily filtered mirror selfies to a genuinely tragic picture of Kylie Jenner’s plait, these old Instagram posts will leave you feeling actually embarrassed on their behalf. Let’s go through it:

Kylie Jenner

Instagram queen Kylie Jenner is one of the world’s most followed instagrammers with a whopping 211 million followers, and over 6,600 posts.

Scrolling back to the very start of her feed took a very long time but was SO worth it. Honestly, I’m surprised she even has some of these still up because ngl they’re pretty embarrassing.

Kylie’s first ever post certainly wasn’t a very cool one

Does anything say 2011 more than a direct sunlight selfie with about 50 filters applied to it?

The scarf. The caption. The filter?!

We love a cute sister moment! Not so sure about the pouts though…

Kourtney is yet to age tbf

Fishtail plaits were clearly THE THING back in 2011, but were they really insta worthy?

20k likes for that, really?

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber also has one of the most followed Instagram accounts with 159 million followers and over 6,000 posts to date.

I’m pretty sure if Justin knew what his first posts were, he’d get rid of them immediately. His mirror selfies alone would be enough for me to delete my account permanently and cringe over my entire existence.

This is Justin’s first ever post and I will never understand how it has almost 500,000 likes.

Okay this one is kinda cute #jelenaforever

2011 were happier times

Justin proving that the mirror selfie was just as much of a thing 10 years ago as it is now, but what on earth is that Photo Booth style filter?! Just no.

This one physically hurts me

The only thing more embarrassing than this post is the fact that you most likely used to fancy the person in it. Yikes.

It’s the snapback for me

Selena Gomez

We’ve just seen what her ex Justin’s first posts looked like, so it’s only right we take a look at Selena’s too.

Selena Gomez actually has quite a few more followers on Instagram than Justin, at a massive 205 million. But she has significantly less posts at just under 1,700. This could be because her first posts are from 2013 rather than 2011, but don’t worry they’re still just as mortifying.

Just like her ex, Selena clearly liked heavily filtered mirror pictures back in the day, as her first insta post proves.

I’m guessing whoever took this snap didn’t end up having a successful career in photography.

Who are the 350k people thinking what a great pic

This could potentially be quite a cute photo if it wasn’t for the atrocious filter and the fact that you can’t actually see most of Selena’s face.


Can someone please tell 2013 Selena that when it comes to filters, less really is more.

The filter is so 2013 I’m not even mad about it

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is the second most followed person on Instagram after Cristiano Ronaldo, with 217 million followers to her name.

With over 4,750 posts, Ariana has been posting on the platform since her Victorious days back in 2011, and honestly it’s all pretty cringy yet wholesome content.

This hands down wins the prize for sweetest first Instagram post ever.

Kinda cute, but not sure why this ever made it to the gram.

What is with 2012 Insta pics looking like they were taken on CCTV?

Hey Siri, play ghostin by Ariana Grande

Who needs eyebrows when you’ve 218 million followers?

OMG it’s Tori Vega and Cat Valentine!!

Actually kind of live for the nostalgia on this one

Harry Styles

In recent years Harry Styles hasn’t been much of an instagrammer, but he still has a generous 36 million followers and 522 posts.

Back in 2012 though, heartthrob Harry was constantly posting photos on the gram, and they’re the perfect blend of cute, funny and cringe.

Deer-y me Harry, what is this first post?

This is such a mood tbh.

Even the Ray-Bans scream 2012

I’m sure a lot of us would love to have Harry’s banana on our face.

Feeling fruity?


I’d give this a like to be honest

And finally, I had to include this fifth picture because it’s the definition of cringe. Sorry Zayn.

Oh Zayn, why oh why

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