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Someone has set up an Instagram for mullets spotted in Edinburgh

You hate to see it

They say that fashions fade, but style is eternal. At least, let's hope that's the case for all the mullets which have been cropping up in and around the streets of Edinburgh these past few months.

Of all things to make a comeback, from platform shoes to low-rise jeans, the mullet, a popular hairstyle in both the 70s and 80s, has unfortunately clawed its way back into the limelight. Mullets may be of a questionable aesthetic, but they are taking Pollock Halls and George Square by storm, and can be spotted almost everywhere you turn.

The natural response, of course, to such a montage of Billy Ray Cyrus-lookalikes being spotted around Edinburgh is for an Instagram page documenting their tragic prevalence to arise.

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Pear tree serving looks

A post shared by The Mullets Of Edinburgh Uni (@mulletsofedi) on Oct 31, 2019 at 4:32am PDT

The 'Mullets of Edi' Instagram page has been around for just over a month and currently has almost 1400 followers. It is run by two female 2nd years who wish to maintain their anonymity.

The Tab Edinburgh spoke to the @mulletsofedi admins to find out their inpiration behind starting the page and what they think makes the perfect mullet.

What inspired you to start @mulletsofedi?

Admin A: We were in the smoking area of Mash House and noticed there were no fit boys, at least none without mullets. We immediately looked at each other and thought that something has to be done ASAP; we needed to call out the mullets of Edi and address the epidemic.

Did you ever expect the page to become as popular as this?

Admin A: Not at all, honestly thought it would be a bit of a meme and then it’d blow over, never thought that people would compete to get on this page as if it’s an accomplishment haha. Genuinely wasn’t expecting to fuel the trend at this rate.

Admin B: I actually think people have been getting haircuts as a sort of way to get on the page, the amount of mullets in progress that have been filmed and submitted is insane.

What would you say makes a mullet worthy of a feature?

Admin A: A good trim, nice fade, with some length.

Admin B: It’s all in the intuition. If a mu makes us laugh or shocks us enough it’s on.

Would you say the mullet trend is just a fad or is it here to stay?

Admin A: Originally I thought it was going to be a fad but at the rate of submissions, I feel like it’s going to stay for a while.

Admin B: I think people enjoy using mullets as self-expression, there’s so much variety and ways of customising them that the trend will go on for a bit.

Do you have mullets yourselves?

Admin A: Noooo way, also jokes because I was originally planning on posting that I’d get a mullet at 1000 followers thinking nobody would back the account but we hit 1000 so fast that I’m so glad I never put that up.

Admin B: Absolutely not.

Followers of the page are encouraged to DM submissions of any mullets they spot around Edinburgh. You can do so following the link to the Instagram page here.