Here’s 10 things in an Edi student’s wardrobe that just make sense

The 11th thing being a signet ring

There is definitely an Edinburgh style, and with an Edinburgh style comes a selection of wardrobe essentials. I don’t just mean a nice coat. Oh no, if you don’t have at least five different sets of rings to match your five types of outfits, what are you doing?

It’s easy to summarise the Edi style through the iconic quote said by my American flatmate: “All the girls here look so hot but the boys look like an extra out of Clueless”.

She’s not wrong. Not always a bad thing though a boy in baggy jeans and muddy trainers is just, *chef’s kiss*.

1. Puffer or fur coat

‘Tis the season to be wrapped in a fat coat because Edinburgh winds are so cold you can feel your bones shiver and are so strong that they could fly you home instead of hopping on a five-hour train.

They’re not a fashion statement – at this point, they’re a necessity unless you want to get frostbite. But chances are if you’re a girl you’re still wearing a crop top underneath. Bonus points if the coat is North Face.

2. The holy trinity of shoes: Doc Martens, Air Force 1s or Filas

I even know people who have the audacity to own two pairs of Air Force 1s – one pair which is casual and one for going out. That’s how Edinburgh they are. I don’t care if they have a butterfly on them, Arabella, you’re still not original, sorry.

If you have Filas it’s because you need the boost in height.

And if you have Docs you’re either super cool or trying too hard to be super cool. It’s hard to tell though. What a resurgence though I swear they became irrelevant but now they’re back and here to stay.


3. Flares 

Since the clubs are closed here is a fun game: take a shot every time you see a girl in flares on the walk from Pollock to the library. If you manage to make it to the library still capable of walking I’ll buy you a fresh pair of flares, fresh from Nasty Gal.

Oh and bonus points if they’re cheetah print.

4. A sweater vest

No, but seriously, what are they? Where have they come from? I saw a girl wear one in August and was mortified but now I see boys wearing them and it’s almost, attractive? Who would have thought that in 2020 we’d all be so sexually frustrated that the sight of a boy or girl in a sweaty jumper that looks like something a 50-year-old headmaster would wear would be stylish?

5. Edi sports team merch

Ah yes, a staple. It’s a flex that must be made – whichever sport you play. Incredibly comfy but also cool enough to wear outside and at the same time it’s casual because you haven’t actually dressed up. You can’t go wrong.

6. A thick fluffy dressing gown

If you’re cutting about your flat and you aren’t wearing a dressing gown which is as thick as a brick then I don’t trust you. Nothing beats coming in from the Edinburgh rain to be greeted with a fluffy hello. It’s the closest thing we can get to a hug at this point. Tragic.

7. Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

I’ve seen literal packs of girls that are impossible to differentiate because they all have the same backpack. They’ve got two pockets though, one for your umbrella and one for your Chilly’s bottle, so I totally see why.

Also, they have a pocket for your MacBook. Chic and practical.

8. A waterproof windbreaker or anorak

I’m seeing more and more of these, and despite the year ten geography school trip vibes they give me, they’re just super practical. Bonus point if they have a pocket in the front that could fit a laptop in it. I honestly would do that if I could.

Would be better than just wandering around New Town with a MacBook slung under one arm like I’ve seen way too many people do. One day I hope to aspire to have that much confidence in myself.

9. A collection of totally unique indie rings

Probably bought fresh from Armstrong, or some other quirky and totally unique charity shop, indie rings are the cherry on top of your indie cake. Buying expensive rings is out and buying rings of character is in.

Unless you’re from Pollock because I’m sure you wouldn’t be caught dead without your sterling silver signet ring.

10. An obscene amount of jumpers and hoodies

Because it’s cold, and just wearing a hood isn’t enough to stop the rain drenching you through so an extra layer of hoodie is needed to stop you returning home looking like you’ve just taken a shower.

Granny jumpers with super obnoxious patterns are what you want, nothing plain or white. That’s just not cool, come on now.

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