Walk, walk, fashion, baby: Here are six campus trends to watch this autumn

Smiley face nail stickers are a personal fave

Fashion is always important, even when cooped up inside all day watching uni (aka the world’s most expensive streaming platform). If you’re going to be bent over a laptop all day, then you might as well look good doing it.

So, without further ado, here is your round-up of the six fashion trends to watch this autumn…

1. Crocs (yes, you read that correctly)

Could 2020 get any worse? Childhood faves Crocs are officially BACK. But hey, we all knew this day would come, and there can be no more appropriate a year than 2020. During lockdown, sales of Crocs rose by a third on global fashion search platform Lyst, and Justin Bieber, Bad Bunny and Ruby Rose have since brought out their own signature ranges.

Whilst their signature holes mean that Crocs are perhaps not the best shoe to combat Edinburgh weather, wearing a pair is, nonetheless, totally worth it for the meme value. Especially when the world is so gloomy at the moment, why NOT add an audacious pop of colour to your outfit?

It might initially take a bucket-load of confidence to wear them out the house, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that you popping to Sains in your Crocs falls so far down the list of ‘Shocking Things to Happen in 2020’ that not one person will bat an eyelid.

2. Nail transfers/stickers

As if we couldn’t already get enough of 90s fashion, 90s nail fashion is now making its sweet return and the whole world is better off for it. Nail transfers are the cherry on top of the cake of any DIY manicure, and can be purchased extremely cheaply from small business-supporting retailers like Etsy.

From smiley faces, to butterflies, to Louis Vuitton patterns, you do not want to be sleeping on this extemely-fiddly-but-totally-worth-it-in-the-end trend.

3. Shackets

Despite being one of the ugliest portmanteau words (for example, ‘brunch’) I’ve ever heard, ‘shackets’, as in ‘shirt jackets’ are a staple wardrobe piece for October.

They’re warm, effortlessly oversized and easy to throw on over any outfit for that ultimate autumnal chic, cosy vibe. For many, comfort has been more of a priority than style these last few months in lockdown but, luckily, chucking on a shacket is a great way to meet in the middle. Popular styles come in leather, plaid, and even wool checked with fringing.


4. 90s shoulder bags

With uni being largely online, there is less of a need to carry your laptop in a suitably sized rucksack or tote bag all day long. It’s far more likely you’ll be heading out with just your keys, purse and phone (oh, and mask, which I never remember until I’m halfway across The Meadows). Therefore, you can afford to compromise bag size for style and invest in a 90s underarm bag.

They come in a range of colours and textures, with cow print being one of the most popular patterns. Groovy, right, or should I say moovy…

… sorry.


5. Fluffy bucket hats

I’m sorry to say that, no matter how warm it may be, your bobble hat has never been, and will never be, acceptable in terms of Edi campus fashion. But, never fear, as fluffy bucket hats (ANOTHER 90s trend – WE GET IT, the 2020’s suck so far) are all the rage at the moment.

Equal parts cosy and cute, these are a MUST for the baltic conditions you’ll be facing these coming winter months in Scotland.

6. Sweater vests

If you listen really hard, you can hear Chandler Bing whooping in the distance. Sweater vests, usually worn by nerdy characters in US sitcoms, are super in at the moment, and look insane over a crisp white shirt paired with either a tennis skirt or cycling shorts.

Super preppy with strong back-to-school vibes, this look will have you feeling cute af for a day spent watching online uni in your flat…

Halloween is NEXT WEEK, so get ready to send us your socially-distanced Halloween outfits with your flatmates via Instagram. Admittedly nothing will be as terrifying as 2020 anyway, but just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. We want scary, sexy, creative, rogue… the lot! Follow us at @thetabedinburgh.

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