Sweater vests are the biggest plot twist of 2020: What even are they?

Someone please explain

2020 has been full of twists and turns that no one could have expected, but quite possibly the biggest shock of all is the return of sweater vests.

I don’t know much about fashion, but I thought I knew one thing for certain: sweater vests are not cool. But this mantra has been turned on its head this year, as they’ve made what I would argue is the comeback of the century.

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Their reputation has seemed to go from ‘step brothers’ to influencer overnight. We’re used to them being in the same category as khaki’s for god’s sake! Who would’ve thought the thing I would quite literally shove to the very back of my wardrobe would be making the comeback of 2020.

I’ve gone from being ashamed and mortified by the sleeveless knitwear, to trawling through Depop daily just to find one that compliments my skin tone – how?

So suddenly the influencers took a hold of them and oh boy did they influence. Once a staunch anti-sweatervest activist, I now find myself drawn towards them. But I won’t give in, because you know what they say, easy come, easy go, and I’m not about to be rocking a sweater vest when they have their inevitable fall from grace . I don’t want my kids making fun of pictures of me.

Don’t get me wrong I think they look cool at the moment too, but I don’t trust it. Maybe we’re all just blinded by the haze of 2020 chaos and our judgement is all off, that is the only explanation I can offer for this phenomenon.

Last year you couldn’t pay me to wear it, and now I’m throwing money at the sight of plaid knitwear. What a year.

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The literal likes of Harry Styles and Bella Hadid are fashioning these?! Someone explain how we’ve gone from big dork to stylish chic in a matter on months, because I for one am baffled. 

Anyway in my humble amateur opinion I would say, if you have a sweater vest, rock it, live your moment girl. But maybe don’t go investing in one because you don’t want to end up in 2021, where everyone has regained their sense and you’re sitting there with five sleeveless jumpers. That would be a truly sad sight.

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