Awkward Zooms and an accidental second date: It’s another round of Edinburgh Goes Dating!

Cuffing season is here

Cuffing season is at long last upon us. Love is in the air, whether that be over Zoom or a government sanctioned walk around the Meadows. The days are getting shorter, and we’re all getting a bit more desperate.

What better way to mark the occasion than by reading about other hopeful singles trying their hand at love? Why put yourself out there when you can just watch other people do it? Edinburgh Goes Dating round six is finally here!

Here’s a quick reminder of how it works: based on answers to our totally scientific compatibility questionnaire, we set up single Edinburgh students on COMPLETELY blind dates via Zoom. After the date, we ask them how it all went, and most importantly, whether another one is in the cards.

This round of Edinburgh Goes Dating saw a record number of second dates. Sparks flew — or maybe that was just feedback from their mics. It goes to show that you can be stuck inside and still find love (what are you waiting for?).

Here’s how this round of dates went.

Anna, first year Economics and Chinese and Hector, first year Medicine

Anna and Hector are both sporty first-years stuck inside Pollock. Did they hit it off? Or will they be awkwardly avoiding each other at the JMCC? 

How was the date?

Anna: The date was chill, more fun than I expected. Felt like we were both slightly reserved as it is a bit weird chatting to someone over a blind Zoom date.

Hector: It was a good date, the start was the only awkward bit. Zoom just makes it so hard to chat.

How was the match? Any sparks? 

Anna: Hector’s pretty much “my type,” props to you guys for taking the description I gave you and finding him. I think in the context of a Zoom date and not being able to have an activity to do it’s too awkward to tell if there is a spark.

Hector: Yeah she is my type, but I couldn’t tell if there was a spark from Zoom.

What about a second date? 

Anna: I’d go on a second date, but in person not on Zoom. People can come off so different on the internet than they do in real life and if I’m going to get to know someone, especially romantically, I want to get to be with them in person to see if we click.

Hector: No second date, but we are going to hang out as friends again.

Sarah, masters in Data Science and James, masters in Finance

Sarah is a masters student looking for someone up for an adventure while James is a masters student who wants someone sporty and outgoing. Have the two of them found an adventure together? Or will they be getting a masters in dating other people? 

Did you have a nice time? What did you talk about?

Sarah: Yes! The conversation was lovely, and we got along well. We found out that he lived in Wisconsin for a little bit, and I am from Wisconsin, so that was cool. It felt like pretty typical first date conversation.

James: Yes. We just talked about her hometown, what she’s interested in, her course, travelling, what she thinks of Edinburgh etc.

Any awkward or funny moments?

Sarah: When we realized we lived in the same building

James: We ended up finding out that we were both in the same accommodation block and just went on a walk instead.

Would you go on a second date?

Sarah: If a walk around the neighbourhood counts, I think we already have.

James: Yeah

Sarah, first year French and Tom, second year Biological Sciences

Sarah is a first year looking for someone outgoing and who appreciates that she works at Build-a-Bear. Tom loves to learn and wants someone who loves to laugh. Can Sarah and Tom build-a-second date? Or is Tom learning how to let Sarah down gently?

Did you like the date? 

Sarah: Yes I did, I think we had quite a lot in common. He is my type.

Tom: Yeah she’s really cool! The chat flowed really well. Sarah is my type, thank you Tab!

Did Zoom make the date easier or harder? 

Sarah: I accidentally had myself on mute for a bit. I don’t know how much of a difference it would’ve made though, really I don’t think Zoom made it worse, just not better.

Tom: The most awkward moment was probably when the call disconnected half way through! Being on Zoom definitely made it more difficult, but I think the atmosphere wasn’t really affected.

Date number two?

Sarah: Yeah I’d go on another date with Tom, he’s cute.

Tom: It’s hard to say if there was a spark, but I’d definitely like to see her in person!

Elsie, second year Scandinavian studies and Linguistics and Kyla, fourth year Economics and International Development

Kyla likes to think she can hold a conversation with anyone, and Elsie needs someone who’s funny and spontaneous. Could Kyla keep Elsie interested? Or did Elsie spontaneously decide the date wasn’t for her?

Did you have a good time on the date? 

Elsie: I really enjoyed it! I felt we had lots to talk about, the chat we had was funny, and I learned a lot too.

Kyla: I did really like the date. I think we talked for about two hours, and it could’ve gone on longer if I didn’t have to make myself dinner.

Was your date your type?

Elsie: Kyla is my type, I thought she was beautiful.

Kyla: I don’t know if Elsie is my type physically but personality-wise, she’s definitely what I look for. I think we clicked on that front!

Do you want to see her again?

Elsie: I’d love to meet her again, maybe in person this time!

Kyla: I would definitely go on another date with Elsie again! Hopefully in-person, but I’d be down for another Zoom date as well.

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