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UTIs, soggy biscuits and forgetting names: Edinburgh Goes Dating is back!

You know you missed it

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and I'm not even talking about Christmas.

Edinburgh Goes Dating is BACK and, might I add, better than ever!

Here's a reminder of how it all works: based on answers to our 100 per cent scientific compatibility questionnaire, we set up single Edinburgh students on COMPLETELY bind dates. After the date, we ask them how it all went, and most importantly, whether another one is on the cards.

Did our lucky couples find love this week? Or will they have to sign up for another round?

Let's find out!

Imogen, third year History, and Samm, third year Geography

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Imogen and Samm were both looking for a date with a good sense of humour, who could keep up the chat and avoid awkward silences. Could these two bridge the Edinburgh-Heriot-Watt divide? We sent them to Vodka Revolution to find out.

Did you like the date?

Imogen: Yeah I liked the date, but we both felt Revs was not really our scene. The chat was good, we got on pretty well as had some things in common.

Samm: Yeah it was a nice experience, Vodka Rev was a little strange place for a first date. The chat was good, didn't stop for ages, and tbh no awkward moments apart from meeting her at the start.

Any weird moments during the date?

Imogen: It was awkward when the waitress repeatedly asked us if we wanted more drinks, like four times. Not at £5.70 for a single G & T, I don't!

Samm: She wanted to meet her friends at the Christmas market but when we arrived they weren't there, so we just went for a hot chocolate.

Would you go on a second date?

Imogen: Not a date, but potentially a friendship there.

Samm: We got on well as friends but I didn't really feel a spark. I wouldn't rule out ever meeting her again even if it's just as friends.

Madryn, third year Medicine, and Keva, second year Sociology

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Madryn is looking for someone who is caring and honest and Keva asked for someone with a rough exterior who is actually a big softie underneath. The two met up at Paradise Palms to see if they would get on or just offend each other.

Did you have a nice time?

Madryn: Yeah it was fun, we talked about uni, mutual friends, where we grew up, the usual stuff.

Keva: Yeah it was a nice time, we had some fun chats about mutual friends, we both grew up in really big cities (Dubai and Singapore) so we chatted about that, uni, pole dancing, the gay scene in Edinburgh etc.

What was the weirdest moment of the evening?

Madryn: When she started talking about her UTIs.

Keva: I asked her about my UTI which I probably should stop doing on first dates.

Was there enough of a spark for a second date?

Madryn: Not really, but I would see her as friends.

Keva: Nah, we agreed we were much better suited as pals.

Toby, third year Structural Engineering with Architecture, and Robbie, third year Geology and Physical Geography

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Toby and Robbie are looking for someone physically fit who's up for some outdoor activities. Naturally, we sent them to Black Medicine, an indoor coffee shop.

Did you enjoy the date?

Toby: Yes I liked the date! The chat was good, but could have been better. Granted, it was a first date so the chat is always a bit more forced.

Robbie: Yeah, I had a good time! The convo generally flowed well and we had a few laughs.

Were there any awkward or weird moments?

Toby: Most awkward moment was when I spilt his flat white trying to put it down on the table.

Robbie: He struggled to put my coffee down on the table and some of it spilled over (my biscuit went soggy) ;'(. And me talking about my eye problems for 5 minutes straight.

Was he your type?

Toby: Physically, yes. Robbie's looks could kill!

Robbie: I like my men a bit more spicy x.

Date number two?

Toby: I would! I have to admit, I did not feel much of a spark. Our date was only an hour so, perhaps if I had a bit more opportunity to get to know him better the spark might become more apparent.

Robbie: A date setting, no. But as pals, maybe!

Jess, third year Chemistry, and Ben, third year Biochemistry

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Jess and Ben met up at the Hanging Bat to see if their chemistry could move from the lab to the bar. Was this hypothesis a success? Or an experiment gone wrong?

How was the evening?

Jess: It was an absolute treat! The Hanging Bat was really nice for drinks as well.

Ben: It was a really nice date. Cool bar, nice beer, good chat, had a nice evening.

Any awkward moments?

Jess: I forgot his name for a bit at the start – good thing he reiterated it after a while.

Ben: I guess me asking for 'the cheapest pint' may have been a bit awkward, but can’t say I’d have any regrets with that.

Was there a spark?

Jess: I wouldn’t say there was a spark but we definitely got on as friends.

Ben: I don’t think I felt a spark in the romantic sense.

Would you be up for a second date?

Jess: Maybe not but I’ll definitely see him around the chemistry building for some coffees.

Ben: Yeah I’d be down for hanging out again, I had a great time.

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