Borat comes to Scotland in strange Edinburgh Castle projection

Blink and you’ll miss it

Sacha Baron Cohen, as his eccentric character Borat, has been projected onto the facade of Edinburgh Castle this evening in an advertisement for his upcoming sequel to the 2006 mockumentary.

The iconic castle has been adorned with an image of the Kazakh resident, wearing his iconic “mankini”, as seen in the original movie alongside the slogan “Wear Mask. Save Live”.

While we wouldn’t necessarily endorse the wearing of a mankini (Edinburgh is pretty set in its ways with its usual uniform of flares and puffers), we do agree with Borat/Baron Cohen’s message.

Wear your masks people!

It’s unknown how long the projection will stay up for, so we suggest if you want to see it to head out quickly as it is uncommon for two such icons to meet.

The two icons being Borat himself and our beloved castle.

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