‘It’s ridiculous’: Edi students are still waiting on their promised £50 voucher from Uni

It was promised 12 days ago

Students in first year accommodation are still without their £50 compensation voucher promised from the University.

This comes almost two weeks after it was offered to them.

In an email to all first year students, it stated “as an acknowledgement of the difficulties some of you have experienced, we will provide a £50 voucher to all students in our University Accommodation”.

“You will be able to choose one of three options for the kind of voucher you wish to receive. The details of how to make your choice will be communicated over the next few days.”

Tess Dailie, who runs the Instagram account @pollockprisoner, set up a poll to see if students had any word of the voucher since the 1st October, when the email was sent out.

The poll results displayed 99 per cent of votes were in favour of the answer “nope”. Tess told The Edinburgh Tab: “741 people responded to the poll saying they hadn’t had the voucher, and hadn’t heard anything about it.”

“They said that would be in the coming days and it’s been nearly two weeks. It’s just PR. They’re just polishing a turd at this point.”

The food Pollock students have been used to receiving recently

Speaking to Tizzie, a student living in Pollock Halls, she told the Edinburgh Tab, “we haven’t received a thing […] and no one else appears to have either.”

“It’s brilliant, you couldn’t make this stuff up. It’s certainly getting better here, but they have a long way to go. [The Uni] are awful at communicating.”

A spokesman from the University gave the Edinburgh Tab the following statement, “Students in University accommodation will shortly be given details about how they will receive their £50 voucher.”

“The voucher will enable students to purchase items from a number of retail and food outlets.”

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