Um, what exactly is going on with Ronnie from Love Island 2024’s thumb?

I need answers

I need to ask a very serious question: Did anyone else spot a glitch which made Ronnie Vint from Love Island 2024’s thumb appear all funny? At least, I’m hoping it was glitch.

The strange moment came in Monday’s episode, when Ronnie sat down with Jess following his date with Harriett. There’s been a love triangle, and for a while a square when Tiff was thrown in, going on with Ronnie, Harriett and Jess for a while. The girls have all been after him, and quite frankly, he’s been loving messing them all around.

During his date with Harriett, Ronnie seemed to say he was all in with her now, but he had said different to Jess before the recoupling. So, Jess and Ronnie sat down to clear the air. The air might now be clear, but the show editing sure as hell was not.

Ronnie from Love Island 2024 and his thumb

via ITV

As he chatted, Ronnie for some reason stuck his thumb up, and well, I’ll let you decide what the shape of it resembled. This could be a weird camera glitch, or an editing error but honestly, I don’t have any answers.

“What’s going on with Ronnie’s thumb?”, one person in a Facebook group asked. “It looks like a willy,” another said, to which someone else replied: “This must be what the girls all see in him.” I mean, no comment.

Does anyone have any answers to what’s going on here? Please?

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