Edinburgh University drops five places in world university rankings in all time low

The university placed 27th in the QS World University Rankings 2025

The University of Edinburgh has placed 27th in the QS World University Rankings 2025 in an all time low, continuing its fall from its peak at 15th in the 2023 rankings.

The university scored 83.3 points overall, beaten only by Imperial College London (98.5), Oxford University (96.9), Cambridge University (96.7), and University College London (91.6) in the UK.

The QS World University Rankings ranks the top universities in the world, scoring them out of an overall 100, based on a number of factors.

Edinburgh University ranks as Scotland’s top university among the rankings, beating its runner up, the University of Glasgow, by 51 points overall.

The university fell from fourth in 2024 to 15th in sustainability globally, with low scores in environmental sustainability (58.9).

With success in it’s international student ratio (99.8), international research network (99.5) and sustainability (99), Edinburgh University falls short in its citations per faculty (47.7), employment outcomes (55.9) and faculty-student ratio (65.5).

The university also scored well in its international faculty ratio, academic reputation and employer reputation.

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