David Attenborough wrote a letter to Edinburgh Zoology students and it’s the best thing since Blue Planet

He took time off writing his next book

Want to feel extra bad for doing a humanities degree?

Sir David Attenborough, the natural history grandfather of Britain himself, wrote Edi Biology students a letter to congratulate them on their recent graduation.

Biology lecturer Nick Colgrave contacted Attenborough to ask if he could give his fourth year Zoology, Evolutionary Biology, and Ecology students some words of encouragement.

He received a reply a few weeks later that contained Attenborough’s apologies for his late response and best wishes to the graduating year group.

The letter reads:

“Dear Prof. Colgrave,

“I have only just read your letter. The delay is in part due to the fact that those responsible for ‘shielding’ me (on account of my advanced years) have instituted a quarantine system to my post.

“And on top of that, I myself have had to put mail to one side over the past few days because I am struggling to complete a book against a very close deadline – all of which means that, I am writing you at the very moment that you and your students are celebrating their graduation.”

David Attenborough = the Zoology student’s dream

The letter continued: “So I cannot contribute to you rejoicing in the way that I would have liked. I greatly regret that this should be so.

“And since I am now too late to congratulate your pupils, may I instead say how lucky I think they are to have a teacher who take such care of them as to write such a letter as you sent me.

“Best wishes to you – and to them,

“David Attenborough”

Madryn, a Zoology student, said in response to the letter: “The letter just made me love David Attenborough even more! It helped make the end of year special even though Covid-19 ruined most of our farewell plans.”

It’s nice in these difficult times to be reminded that there is still good news in the world. And that we do not deserve David Attenborough.

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