Students will be ‘strongly encouraged’ to wear masks at uni, says email from VP

Several uni buildings are set to be open

Students will be urged to wear masks in university buildings next academic year according to an email from Vice-Principal Colm Harmon.

The University plans to open up several buildings in accordance with Scottish government guidelines, which include health provisions such as masks and physical distancing.

The email states: “We will continue to follow the latest Scottish Government guidance to ensure that we can safely maximise our capacity for on-campus teaching and research over the coming months.”

As far as masks, the email says: “In Scotland you must now – by law – wear a face covering in shops and on public transport, and we are strongly encouraging you to also wear these in University buildings.

The email also reassures students that they will be able to participate in clubs and societies in the next academic year.

Harmon says: “Your Students’ Association, Sports Union and the University’s Sport & Exercise team are committed to ensuring you can connect with othrs through sporting and extra-curricular societies, clubs and wider physical activities.

Some of these will be face to face, some will be outdoors and some will be virtually.

However you do it, you’ll still be able to carry on with the activities you took part in last Semester, or develop new skills and interests. ”

These updates fall under the University’s plan to open with a hybrid model of teaching that incorporates both virtual and in-person methods.

The Vice-Principal stresses in his email: “We are determined to give you as much of an on-campus and in-city experience as is possible.”

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