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How to create the illusion that you’ve got your life together at uni

The key word is ‘illusion’

It's that time of year when everything begins to get a bit gloomy. It's dark by four, exams are looming, and your Christmas shopping to-do list isn't getting any smaller. If you're worried that the owner of the corner shop now recognises you by your pyjamas, here are some easy tricks to create the illusion that you've still got your life together – despite the impending doom that we all seem to be facing in week 10.

Make your bed in the morning

Let this be the first thing you do when you've arisen from your beauty sleep. A tidy room will always equal a tidy mind. So, boys and girls, plump those cushions and fold those covers like your mother taught you.

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Picture perfect

Invest in a planner

Do you have to use it ? No, but does it make you feel amazing saying "let me see if I can pencil you in?" Of course it does. There are so many different designs you can choose from, so no excuses that you just can't find one you like.

Dress to impress

Go on, be daring. Match that hair scrunchie to your nails and pick out the freshest outfit in your wardrobe. Just because you're only going to spend the whole day in the library doesn't mean you still can't be living your best life. So take your friend up on their offer of a mani and strut into uni with your best flex on. Fake it till you make it honey.

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Effortless chic

Match those undies

I refuse to believe that there is a better feeling than wearing a matching set of underwear. I'm not saying you need to be kitted out in the newest Victoria Secret (I mean ideal if you can, you are living your best life) but even if your life is falling apart around you, at least there is some order and serenity beneath your clothes. For all the lads reading this, this 100 per cent goes for you too – those days of un-matching socks NEED to be over.

Meal prep

Preparing all your food before a long day ahead is not only handy, but it makes you really look like you've got your shit together. You can then go and sit in the busiest spot in uni at prime time, reach down into your bag and whip out your pre-made Joe Wicks masterpiece. So what it only took you 15 minutes to prepare – who on earth is going to know that? Definitely not the group of students gawking at you from across the Union!

Go book shopping

Imagine this. You're hosting a pres and someone picks up a book on your coffee table on "the art of Japanese zen gardens". From that moment on, everyone in the room will think you're just a bit too cool for them. Only you will know the true reality – that you actually purchased that book an hour earlier with the soon-to-be-expiring WHSmith voucher your school awarded you for your great efforts in maths. So yes, it is art – but the art of sophistication, darling.

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Let's get fake reading!

Wear a watch

Nothing screams sophistication like an elegant analogue on your wrist.

Change those deadlines

Mentally edit those upcoming deadlines you have and change their due date to the night before. This means that even if you end up doing a stressful coffee-fuelled all-nighter, no one will ever know since your essay will be filed and submitted the night before. Smashed it.

Make a power playlist

Create a playlist that naturally creates a spring in your step. People will be watching you and asking themselves:"who are they?" Personally, my go to song is Dancing Queen by Abba, but if anyone ever asked me I would definitely pretend I was listening to Benny Blanco.

Go on a morning jog

Not only will this revitalise and replenish, but if someone you know catches you out running too, you will never look more goals, glowy, athletic and gorgeous.

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I advise walking till you see someone you know

I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavours of illusion. I hope through following these tips you will be feeling your best self in no time – or at least looking like you are.